The Miz first appeared on a lot of fans’ television screens as a member of The Real World. If you need a refresher, then you’re welcome to check out the clip below. He later appeared on MTV’s The Challenge, an incredibly intense game show where MTV pushes their reality stars to physical limits while putting them in very dangerous situations. The Miz feels that The Challenge prepared him for WWE.

MTV’s Official Challenge podcast recently had the A-Lister on the show. He was asked if he feels that MTV’s The Challenge helped prepare him for WWE. He had to agree with that, and he went on to explain his point.

“Yeah, I do actually [think The Challenge prepared me for WWE]. I think being on MTV, The Real World, The Challenges, it got me comfortable in front of a camera. When I was on The Real World, we had that little confessional room. I would go in there and by the way, we had tapes back then. We didn’t have the iPhones, we didn’t have camera phones. Like there were no camera phones. We had real, live VHS tapes that you put in, you close it, you press record on the camera and you start talking. We didn’t have all this digital-age stuff. So I would go in there and it was funny, they would mandate, ‘You had to have two tapes a week.’ Like you have to do two tapes a week. I still think I hold the record for literally the most ever in a season because I would just go in there and start cutting promos and it was my practice to develop into that character so, and honestly, it was like my therapist. I would just go in there and start talking to a camera and telling them all the feelings, everything that’s going on in my life, what’s happening and it would make me feel better when you walk out of it.”

The Miz also revealed that due to his obligations with The Challenge, MTV wouldn’t allow him to participate in Tough Enough when it was on the same channel. He did later appear on Tough Enough, but it would have been a lot sooner if MTV would have let him.


“And finally, WWE had a reality show called Tough Enough and MTV wouldn’t allow me to do Tough Enough because it was on the same network and back then, you couldn’t be on two shows at one time. Now, you look at this show, I’m like, you see someone from Love Island, you see someone from Survivor, you see someone from — former WWE superstar. You see all these ‘formers’, that never happened back then. Back then, you were allowed to be on The Real World and The Challenges and that was it. You weren’t allowed to do anything else.”

The Miz used all of the abilities and experience he gained along the way to become the A-Lister we know today. His Money In The Bank cash-in at TLC was not successful, but that only means he can be on to his next challenge in WWE.

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