In the wake of Lana seemingly being ruled out of WWE TLC, questions have arisen over who Asuka’s new partner will be. There’s every chance that Lana herself will return and be by Asuka’s side, but if she doesn’t, there are plenty of contenders in the running to take her place.

One of which is NXT star Aliyah who received some nice praise from Nia Jax on social media last night after a troll attacked Aliyah on Twitter.

According to the troll, Aliyah is soft and easier to break than Lana. Nia Jax took note of these remarks and fired back at the individaul.

No she’s not! @WWE_Aliyah is tougher than most women! She has endured more than anyone in any division could! And she continues to get back up, have smile and does whatever is asked of her! In a battle, I would take @WWE_Aliyah over a lot of people! I admire her dearly


Whatever happens, you’d have to imagine there is a good chance that Jax and Baszler will lose their grip on the titles this Sunday – especially if Lana returns.

Harry Kettle

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