WWE will sometimes use a song for a Superstar for as long as they have the rights to it. Victoria had a couple of different WWE entrance songs along the way.

The Russian duo t.A.T.u performed Victoria’s famous “All The Things She Said.” After that entrance music was over, the company used “Don’t Mess With” performed by The Hood$tars, Nicki Minaj’s former group.

While speaking with Chris Van Vliet, she talked about her WWE entrance music and how she didn’t even realize that Nicki Minaj was behind it.

“I had no clue. When they played the song for me and they played the video, I was like, are you going to have me be a lesbian? They said, no, ‘listen to the words.’ We only owned that for a year. It wasn’t my choice to change.”


“The next song was from Nicki Minaj but she wasn’t Nicki Minaj at the time. She had a different name. They asked what kind of music I was into and I said hip hop. That’s when they chose that song, ‘I ain’t a lady to mess with’ and they chose that as my entrance.”

“Years later on Twitter, I found out that it was Nicki Minaj that did my entrance music. I thought it was just a New Yorker. I didn’t know that side of it. We didn’t get to go meet the artists.”

Victoria hasn’t made a return to WWE, but they might not be allowed to use any of her entrance music either. It seems that the company no longer has an agreement to use it.

WWE is very picky about the music they give Superstars and it’s always a good thing to own the rights as well. This is one of the reason for all of CFO$’ tracks disappearing in recent memory.

Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

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