WWE released Aiden English from his WWE contract on April 15th as part of widespread cuts throughout the company. He was almost cut prior to that, but John Cena apparently stepped in.

Matt Rehwoldt recently told a story on his YouTube Channel about how he was almost fired for “having fun.” He’s surprised that he hasn’t told this story before, but he “might have blocked it out.”

This story revolves around a dark match that he was a part of that took place after a television broadcast was over. He wanted to “take the seriousness of TV off” and do something goofy.

The match was Baron Corbin, Rusev, and Aiden English vs The Usos and AJ Styles in a six-man tag match. The Usos started throwing a Superkick Party. The plan was to keep “feeding” the Usos, and English received a brunt of the Superkicks. He was supposed to stop the Usos from hitting the Superkicks before trying to hit one of his own. Then the Usos were supposed to nail him one last time.


On the night in question, the referee joined the Superkick party. AJ Styles took off the referee’s shirt, and put it on himself. Then the Referee joined the Usos and nailed a triple Superkick party.

When they got backstage, the team got “chewed a new one.” He said that Vince McMahon and Triple H weren’t there, but the producers ripped them to pieces for the referee stunt. They were told that they “buried the business.”

This happened a week before WrestleMania. They were told that they might be released or fined up to $20,000. They got “sat down at a green room” at the WrestleMania hotel, and the group had to hear about how terrible of a decision that was. They weren’t fired, and didn’t have to pay a fine either.

When he tweeted out to plug this YouTube video, Matt Rehwoldt wrote: “Fun Fact: John Cena apparently paid our fine…”

Aiden English and Rusev weren’t fired during that time, but they were eventually released together when the pandemic hit a few years later.

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