Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of WWE RAW. The TLC pay-per-view on Dec. 20 is quickly approaching, and tonight’s show will feature further build to some key storylines.

Tonight’s main event will see WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and long-time friend Sheamus team up to take on #1 contender AJ Styles, as well as Mr. Money in the Bank The Miz and John Morrison in a handicap match. Styles tried his best to help the Miz cash in last week on McIntyre, and chances are we’ll see similar shenanigans this evening.

Additionally, Randy Orton — who takes on “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt at TLC — will visit Wyatt and Alexa Bliss at the Firefly Funhouse. Sparks are sure to fly!

All this and more on an action-packed edition of RAW.


The show opens with a ten bell salute to the late Pat Patterson.

Randy Orton enters the ring shortly after. There’s a quick video recap of Orton meeting The Fiend for the first time last week, showcasing the latter’s vulnerability: Alexa Bliss.

Orton opens his promo by saying that any ordinary man would tremble at the thought of facing The Fiend, but he’s “no ordinary man.” He adds that he doesn’t need a mask to let the darkness out. “When my time comes, I’m going to stare the devil right in the eyes and let him know that the most evil son of a bitch has come for him. In the meantime, I’m going to be waiting at the funhouse door, wondering just who exactly is going to let me in.”

Cue Bray Wyatt’s music and the firefly funhouse.

Bray welcomes Orton. He’s alone, saying that since Orton was mean to Alexa last week, he’ll have to settle for “little old him.”

Orton says he’s done with the games, but Wyatt is not. It’s time to play “Let’s get Randy.” The question is “how should Randy be punished at TLC?” The contestants, such as Ramblin Rabbit and Huskus come up with the wrong answers, but Wyatt interrupts, saying “The Fiend has the right answers.”

Orton has had enough. He wants a match with Wyatt tonight, and he accepts! That’s on for later.

Transition to a video recap of Asuka and Lana teaming up to beat Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for a second week in a row. The two teams will face off for the Women’s Tag Team Titles at TLC.

Back to the ring, where Asuka will take on Baszler in a singles match, Asuka is out first, Baszler after commercial.

Back live, where Jax is giving Baszler a pep talk. The duo also discuss what they’re going to do to Lana. Baszler enters.

Asuka vs Shayna Baszler

Asuka goes for an ankle lock early. Shayna transitions into an achilles hold. Asuka counters with her own achilles hold. Shayna transitions into a heel hook, but Asuka sinks in a knee bar. Tons of technical skill here.

Shayna lifts up Asuka, showing her power as she lands a back suplex. Asuka to the outside, where Lana comforts here. The pair are attacked by Jax and Baszler. Commercial break.

Back live, Baszler is targeting Asuka’s left arm. Asuka counters with a roll-up, but Shayna downs her with kicks. Shayna goes for another kick, but Asuka ducks and hits a release German suplex.

Face buster from Asuka. She goes for a hip attack in the corner but Shayna blocks. Flying arm bar by the RAW Women’s Champion, but Shayna counters into the kirifuda clutch. Asuka fights out of it, but on the outside, Jax beats down Lana. She fights back, hitting Jax into the steel steps and then the announce table after reversing a power bomb.

Shayna is distracted, and it allows Asuka to roll up Shayna for the three.

Winner: Asuka

Transition to a replay of Cedric Alexander pinning Xavier Woods last week. Tonight, Shelton Benjamin takes on Kofi.

Backstage now with The Hurt Business. They bully a staff member backstage. Commercial.

Back live for a recap of Miz attempting to cash in last week with the help of AJ.

To the back, where Ricochet and Dana Brooke are talking strategy for their mixed tag match. Riddle appears with Bronutts. He’s looking for MVP to pitch his idea of something that already exists.

Ricochet is interviewed now about his feud with RETRIBUTION. He says that there’s strength in numbers, and that he and Brooke will show what that’s all about tonight. Brooke adds that she made her point last week by defeating Reckoning, saying that no one is going to take her dream from her. She adds that she’ll have Ricochet’s back.

To the ring where Slapjack and Reckoning of RETRIBUTION will take on Ricochet and Dana Brooke after the break.

Back live. Mustafa Ali , Slapjack and Reckoning cut a promo on Ricochet and Brooke. Ali notes that Ricochet is delusional and Brooke is disrespectful and the pair will meet their match.

Brooke Ricochet enter.

Dana Brooke and Ricochet vs Slapjack and Reckoning

Reckoning and Brooke throw hands right off the hop. Brooke gets the upper hand in the corner and tags in Ricochet, who lands a hurricanrana and a dive over the top.

Slapjack counters with a modified falcon arrow, but misses on a cannon ball right after. Brooke and Reckoning are back in. Reckoning gets distracted by Ali, and Brooke capitalizes with a sit out slam for the win.

Winners: Ricochet and Dana Brooke

Post-match, Ali is pissed. He screams at both team members and leaves the ring.

To the back with Sheamus. He’s confronted by Keith Lee. Lee notes that “it’s just a matter of time before you stab your best friend in the back.” Sheamus isn’t having any of it, and leaves. Commercial break.

Back live for Miz TV. He and Morrison introduce AJ Styles. Miz begins by apologizing for the fact that there isn’t a chair big enough for Styles’ bodyguard Omos.

Morrison then asks what Styles’ plan is against Drew in a TLC match. Styles notes that he’s going to take a steel chair and “wrap it around Drew’s back until it breaks.” He adds that he’ll do the same with ladders and tables. Styles then notes how physically imposing Drew is, but that it won’t matter after he’s done with him,

Morrison chimes in, saying that Drew has to make it to TLC first, as the trio take on Drew and Sheamus later tonight. Miz then pokes fun at Sheamus and Drew’s accents, as well as their culture.

Sheamus enters. He laughs at the jokes, but then gets serious, saying he’s going to beat down all three guys. Miz notes that he’s outnumbered. Cue Drew’s music. The pair walk to the ring.

Drew says that he’s had the odds stacked against him many times, but always comes through and this time will be no different. Drew then throws a complement to Miz and Morrison, saying that they get back up every time he beats them down. He then transitions, saying that Miz’s reputation is one of being gutless.

Outside the ring, AJ says it’s four-on-two. Inside the ring, Drew and Sheamus take down Miz and Morrison, offering a taste of what might happen later. Drew also tosses the money in the bank briefcase, breaking one of the panels on the LED screen.

Transition to a replay of Orton and Bray’s interaction from earlier in the night.

Back to the ring for Kofi’s entrance. He’ll take on Shelton after the break. Back live, Shelton enters with MVP and Cedric.

Shelton vs Kofi

Fast start for Shelton. He lands a big boot for a near fall early. Shelton rushes at Kofi but gets hit with a cave in. Kofi to the top, but he’s caught. He tries for SOS but Shelton counters into a fierce power bomb followed by an ankle lock.

Kofi gets to the ropes but is still being bombarded. Kofi goes to jump to avoid an attack, but he’s hurt his knee. Shelton capitalizes and targets the leg. Kofi heads outside the ring, and Shelton follows. He dives and misses, hitting the barricade. Kofi gets back in the ring, with Shelton following at eight. Kofi hits trouble in paradise for the win right after.

Winner: Kofi

Post-match Cedric is pissed. He wants a match with Kofi. It’s on after the break,

Kofi vs Cedric

Back live, Cedric is targeting the injured left knee of Kofi. He transitions into a knee bar and continues to weaken his opponent’s leg. Cedric runs at Kofi in the corner, but gets slammed down by Kofi’s one good leg.

Multiple transitions lead to a roll-up by Kofi for a two. He tries for SOS, it’s countered but Kofi gets another roll-up. Cedric regains momentum with a spinning brain buster for a near fall.

Both men are teetering at at the top. Kofi pushes Cedric down, but misses his dive, hurting his knee. Cedric capitalizes, hitting the lumbar check for the victory.

Winner: Cedric

Commercial break.

Back live for a video tribute of Pat Patterson. We then transition back to the ring, where Drew and Sheamus are set to take one AJ, Miz and Morrison in a three-on-two handicap match. Drew is out first. The rest will enter after the break.

Back live for a replay of Tribute to the Troops, followed by the entrances of Sheamus, AJ and Miz and Morrison.

Drew & Sheamus vs AJ, Miz and Morrison

Morrison and Drew start. Drew with a huge forearm shiver and fierce toss into the corner. Sheamus gets the tag. Headlock takedown, but Morrison fights out. Sheamus gets wrist control back and tosses Morrison off the ropes. Morrison kicks him in the face, but gets a clothesline on the other end.

Sheamus goes for ten beats, but Miz sacrifices himself. Sheamus then accidentally hits Drew on the outside. The two have a small back-and-forth as Morrison leaps over the top but is caught and sent into the announce desk. Commercial break.

Back live, Sheamus is in control of the Miz. He tags in Drew, who lands a knife edge chop in the corner. Quick tag to Sheamus. The pair hit a double suplex. Important to note that AJ still hasn’t tagged into this one.

Drew is tagged back in. Tandem offence to Miz with a hip toss. Miz battles back, forcing Drew into the heels’ corner with a shoulder shot. AJ tags in and out quickly with Morrison, who lands a quick tag of his own to Miz. Drew disposes of all three opponents, as Sheamus and Drew land another double team, this time a big chop.

Sheamus is now the legal man, delivering ten beats in front of Styles. He hits a rolling senton, but gets distracted by Morrison. That gives Miz enough time to rake the eyes of Sheamus. He’s pulled into the corner, where Morrison lands a big kick with the ref distracted.

Morrison is tagged in. He and Miz hit a buster buster on Sheamus. Big kicks by Morrison to a downed Sheamus, but he’s able to block. Sheamus goes to tag Drew, but Morrison gator rolls him back to the opposite corner.

AJ tags in, landing chops on Sheamus in the corner. Transition into a calf crusher, but Drew interferes. AJ exchanges words with him. He goes for a Styles clash, but Sheamus counters into white noise. Drew and Morrison tag in for their sides.

Huge belly to belly suplex by Drew, followed by a double suplex to Morrison and Miz. Drew goes for a future shot DDT but it’s countered. Morrison off the ropes, but he’s flipped six ways to Sunday with a massive back body drop.

Sheamus and AJ tag in. Sheamus hits an Irish curse back breaker, but then misses Morrison with a brogue kick, hitting Drew instead. AJ then takes advantage with a phenomenal forearm for the victory. He remains unbeaten on RAW.

Winners: AJ, Miz and Morrison

Post-match, Drew and Sheamus stare each other down in frustration. Commercial break.

Back live for a replay of Jax and Baszler’s program with Lana and Asuka. Next week, Lana takes on Jax. Lana is afraid to face Jax, but Asuka pumps her up. Lana then walks into Jax, who stares her down angrily.

Sheamus is then interviewed about what happened in the ring. He says it wasn’t intentional, as Drew walks over. “You knew exactly what was going to happen, didn’t you,” says Drew as the two stare each other down. Commercial break.

Back live, Sheamus and Drew — after brawling with each other — have fixed their issues, taking their frustrations out on WWE producer Pat Buck, who is double power bombed through a table.

To the ring, where US Champion Bobby Lashley is taking on Jeff Hardy next. We get a quick recap of Lashley attack Riddle from last week first.

Hardy is getting ready to head to the ring, but is cut off by Riddle, who proposes that the two pair up and call themselves the Hardy Bros (copyright infringement).

Hardy doesn’t really have time for the suggestion, making his way to the ring instead.

Bobby Lashley vs Jeff Hardy

Collar and elbow tie up to start. Lashley uses his power to gain control right away, targeting the injured back of Hardy from last week.

Lashley taunts Hardy, laying in right hands in the corner. It’s all Lashley as he blasts Hardy in the opposite corner now.

Lashley goes for a spear in the corner but it’s reversed. Lashley then attempts a dominator, but gets reversed into a leg drop. Lashley attempts the hurt lock but no dice. Hardy to the top, but MVP distracts him as Lashley picks Hardy up in the electric chair.

Riddle makes his way to the ring now. The distraction is enough for Hardy to take control, as he dives from the apron onto Lashley on the outside. Commercial break.

Back live, Lashley is in control after slamming Hardy’s head into the ring post on the outside. Riddle is still at ringside and gets right in Lashley’s face. Lashley continues to beat down Hardy on the outside, jaw-jacking Riddle in the process.

Lashley places Hardy in the tree of woe in the corner, stomping a mud hole into him. Snap suplex follows for a near fall.

Lashley goes for the hurt lock. Hardy battles out, but Lashley transitions into a rear naked choke. Hardy refuses to quit, getting out of the hold. He throws a bevy of rights at Lashley, flooring him with a clotheslines. Vintage Hardy now with a low drop kick for a near fall.

Hardy with a kick to the chest and whisper in the wind. He goes for the pin but Lashley kicks out at two. Lashley gets back in control after dropping Hardy face-first onto the top rope. He continues the momentum with a flat liner. Lashley goes for a suplex, but Hardy reverses into a twist of fate. He goes to the top, but Lashley is already on his feet. He avoids Hardy and lands a spear followed by the hurt lock for the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Post-match, Lashley refuses to let go of the hold, tossing Hardy into Riddle.

To the locker room, where Orton is focused. He gets a knock on the door, but no one is there. As Orton goes to close the door, ramblin rabbit interrupts, saying that Bray can’t wait to take on Orton next. “It’s going to be so much fun,”

Commercial break.

Back live, Orton makes his entrance. Wyatt follows.

Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt

Orton with a headlock to start. Wyatt breaks out and lands a shoulder tackle. To the outside, Orton goes for a back body drop on the announce desk, but Wyatt turns it around, hitting the viper with the same move.

Wyatt takes a headset from the announce desk and says “yowie wowie, we’ll be right back. Commercial break.

Back live, Orton is relentless. He lands kicks to a downed Wyatt and then slows the pace down with a head lock.

Wyatt fights back, landing some big right hands and an atomic drop. Big clothesline in the corner is followed up by a cross-body and a DDT for a near fall.

Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail, but Orton counters into a neck breaker for a near fall. He follows up with a head butt to Wyatt and then a back body drop in the outside onto the announce desk.

Back in the ring, Wyatt is up, and attempts sister Abigail again. Orton reverses with a thumb to the eye. He readies for an RKO, but the lights go out. Unfazed, Orton hits an RKO. When the lights go back up, The Fiend is seen in the ring instead of Wyatt. He locks in the mandible claw as the show heads off the air.

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