Sting made his debut on this past week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Winter Is Coming. This certainly shocked the entire pro wrestling world and got both fans and wrestlers talking about it. It was the first time Sting appeared in a pro wrestling ring in TNT since 2001.

During the latest episode of the Hall of Fame podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T discussed Sting’s debut in AEW and also gave a theory as to why Sting would decide to sign with AEW.

Booker T believes that The Icon wanted to end his pro wrestling career the way he wanted to. Sting’s run in WWE has been largely criticized by fans and it was also ultimately cut short due to an injury. Sting had no desire to end his career the way it did in WWE.

Booker also mentioned that AEW will provide him another opportunity to hang up his boots in a satisfying way.


I remember when Sting came over, it was brief. The match with Seth Rollins – boom – it was pretty much over with before it started. And I remember Sting, the reason he didn’t come to WWE because… you know, the way I started out with The Rock and then the angle with Stone Cold Steve Austin and then I did the… went on and on and you know, two-time Hall of Famer. Now that’s another story. [Sting] said he didn’t come over because of the way The Rock said ‘It doesn’t matter what your name is,’ which you know, is part of the angle, part of the gimmick. He missed a ton of a career in the WWE and then to finish it like that, I’m sure that there’s something that would have weighed on him forever, you know, saying ‘that’s not the way I wanted to go out, I really wanted to finish the thing’.

Now, lo and behold, AEW comes along, and he has a chance to actually do that with perhaps a Cody Rhodes or Darby Allin or something like that. The question is, Sting at 61… I’m not going to say anything about Sting. But it’s a young man’s game. It really is.

I love seeing him come back, hopefully it’s just for nostalgia purposes and they can definitely get something out of that.

Sting will be appearing on next week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, where he will be interviewed by Tony Schiavone, with whom he has a long history as they worked in WCW together.

What do you want to see happen on that episode of Dynamite with Sting? Sound off in the comments below.

h/t to SK Wrestling for the quotes.

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