Not everything that takes place in the ring goes down as planned. This week featured a match between the Hurt Business and the New Day where things did not happen the way they were supposed to.

According to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live, the match between the New Day and Hurt Business was supposed to win via count-out, but referees are instructed to call matches as a shoot. Things got confused, and then the match was eventually re-started.

“I was told that the finish of the match was supposed to be that the Hurt Business would win via count-out but they are supposed to call it like a shoot and they didn’t get in the ring fast enough and so the referee called it a double count-out. Then The New Day, for some weird reason, they were all heelish last night. They start backing up the ramp celebrating that they defended the titles via double count-out and MVP the heel cuts the promo saying, ‘the fans don’t want to see this, you’re not gonna take that are you? Get back in this ring and let’s restart it.’ So yes it was a botch but it wasn’t like a big time botch. It was just one guy who didn’t get back in so instead of a normal count out it was a double count-out.” 

If the match on RAW seemed a bit off this week, then it really was. They were able to pull things together, but that is what happens sometimes when you’re on live television.


Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

Felix Upton

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