Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of WWE RAW. Tonight’s show features the fallout from Survivor Series last night, where RAW won 4-3 over SmackDown.

Tonight’s only advertised match will see Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross go one-on-one. The former best friends and women’s tag team champs have drifted apart due to “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt’s presence, with Bliss attacking Cross last week.

Additionally, following a clean sweep in the men’s five-on-five match, odds are high that captain AJ Styles will speak on the team’s victory. Lana, the sole survivor in the women’s match, is also likely to continue her program with Nia Jax.

All this and more on an action-packed edition of RAW!


To start, we get a recap of Drew McIntyre winning the WWE title from last Monday.

The RAW men’s team are in the ring with Adam Pearce to the start the show. Pearce starts by recapping what happened at Survivor Series. Pearce says that winning in such a fashion means that each man has a chance to be next in line for McIntyre’s WWE title. Each man gets the chance to state why they should be the next number one contender.

Sheamus takes the mic first, saying that AJ isn’t his champion. He then congratulates Drew for being a two-time WWE champ and reminds everyone that they’re best friends. He also says he was the MVP of Team RAW.

AJ steals the mic and says Sheamus is trying to use the “good old buddy system” for a title shot and says that he was the team MVP.

Keith Lee interrupts and reminds Styles that he saved him that he saved him from elimination. Riddle then takes the mic and hypes up that he pinned King Corbin. He goes on about wanting to get a “dope sword and crown” and brings up the nicknames of all the Team RAW members.

Everyone in the ring continues to bicker as Braun takes the mic, upset that he was called “last but not least” by Pearce. He’s lost it and headbutts Pearce as we go to commercial.

Back live, The Hurt Business is backstage with The New Day. They want another title shot, with Cedric Alexander saying he refuses to sit on the sidelines and watch The New Day cosplay. A confident Alexander steps in the champs’ face and is demanding a title shot despite The New Day declining originally. It’s on next.

The challengers are out first followed by the champs.

The Hurt Business vs The New Day for the RAW Tag Team Championships

Woods and Benjamin start. Takedown right away by Benjamin, who showcases his amateur wrestling background with mat domination and a knee to the shoulder of Woods. Suplex into a cover and a kick out, followed by a second kick out right away.

Woods tries to rally off the ropes but gets a kick to the face. Benjamin then hits Kofi with a high knee. The challengers in full control as we head to commercial.

Back live, Woods is still isolated but eventually gets a tag to Kofi, who runs wild on Benjamin. Boom drop from Kingston, who’s trying to put it away early now with trouble in paradise. Benjamin reverses, but Kingston gets a reverse of his own in the corner.

Both men to the top rope. Headbutt by Kingston, but Cedric rips Kofi off the top from the apron. Benjamin and Kofi are both on the outside, with Kofi struggling to get back inside the ring. He gets counted out, by The New Day retain their titles.

Post-match, MVP asks for the match to be re-started, saying “you don’t want to lose like that” to the champs. Woods and Kingston agree and come back to the ring. The match will be-restarted after the break.

Back live, Benjamin and Kingston are going at it. Kingston gets vaulted over the top rope and lands hard on his left leg. Cedric is now legal and goes for a pin, but Kingston kicks out at two.

Cedric targets the injured leg of Kingston with a submission and then tags in Benjamin, who also goes after the knee. Cedric is back in and continues to tie up the left leg with an Indian death lock.

Benjamin with another quick tag and he continues to break down the leg of Kofi, followed by a clothesline. Kingston is dragged into the challenger’s corner as Cedric is tagged back in. A drop kick to the knee, followed by two more aggressive covers are kicked out.

Kingston evades Cedric, who tags in Benjamin. Kingston goes to tag Woods, but Cedric knocks him down. Kingston manages to hit SOS, but can’t get to his partner as Cedric lands a chop block and continues to wrench away at the knee of Kingston.

Kingston fights out and finally gets to Woods, but lands a high kick to Cedric while knocking Benjamin to the outside. Woods is on fire, landing a gorilla press on Cedric. He goes for a maneuver in the corner but Cedric hits a DDT off the ropes and tags in Shelton, who hits an olympic slam, but Kingston breaks up the hold.

Things break down in the ring as Kingston gets rid of Cedric. Woods lands a code red, reversing a power bomb for the three.

Winners and still champs: The New Day

Backstage, Pearce is asked how he’s feeling after being head butted earlier by Braun. He said he’s fine but has had Braun escorted from the building. He says if it was up to him, Braun would be fired. Pearce was set to make a big announcement prior to the incident and is asked what that announcement was supposed to be. Before he can answer, US Champ Bobby Lashley enters, reminding Pearce that he beat Sami Zayn last night at Survivor Series. He’s clearly looking for a title shot. The two discuss as we go to break.

Back live, Pearce is backstage again. He’s asked what his discussion with Lashley was about. Pearce said he made a compelling case, but before he can finish, Randy Orton appears. Cliffhanger as we head back to the announce desk for a recap from the opening segment as well as the women’s survivor series match, where Lana was the sole survivor despite not participating in the contest.

Backstage, Lana is asked how she’s feeling. She notes that last night was the greatest moment of her career and that she’s on top of the world. Lana is asked what’s next for her. Her response is that she wants to live in the moment.

Back to Pearce again, who’s asked about the WWE Championship #1 contenders situation. Pearce says there will be a series of three singles matches, with the winners advancing to a triple threat next week, and the winner of that will face Drew for the title. The first of those three singles matches is up now, with Riddle taking on Sheamus.

Riddle is out first. Sheamus will enter after the break.

Matt Riddle versus Sheamus

Back live, Sheamus enters and the match is on. Riddle tries to get Sheamus in a head lock but Sheamus’ power is too much. Sheamus takes Riddle down and locks in a head lock.

Sheamus dumps Riddle in the corner and lands a stiff knee followed by another head lock. The story here is Sheamus trying to ground the more athletic Riddle.

Riddle fights back with chops in the corner, but Sheamus is unfazed and hits a clothesline. Sheamus takes down Riddle with a hammerlock and locks in a head scissors. Sheamus going move-for-move with the technical abilities of Riddle.

Riddle transitions and locks in an arm bar. Sheamus gets to the ropes to break the submission as Riddle tries to re-gain his bearings. Sheamus is livid as he gets back in the ring and lands fierce uppercuts and a suplex for a near fall.

The pair both land stiff shots, but Sheamus gets the upper hand, clotheslining Riddle outside the ring. He tries to mount more offence but Riddle hits a suplex and then a senton in the ring for a near fall.

Big right hand by Sheamus and ten beats as he re-gains momentum. Uppercut by Sheamus and an Irish curse back breaker but Riddle kicks out at two. Sheamus throws a lifeless Riddle into the post multiple times, but misses with a spear and gets thrown into the post himself.

Riddle in control now with kicks, but Sheamus once again fights back and lands an Alabama slam as we had to commercial.

Back live, Sheamus hits a pump knee strike for two. Sheamus goes for more, but Riddle reverses and hits a overhead kick followed by a penalty kick off the apron and a floating bro. He gets back in the ring and goes for a top rope maneuver but is caught by Sheamus, who hits a boss man slam for a near fall.

Sheamus locks in a cloverleaf submission. Riddle eventually gets to the ropes and goes for ten beats again, but Riddle reverses into a modified Kimora in the ropes. After some back-and-forth, Sheamus gets the momentum back with a heel hook. Riddle battles his way out with kicks from his opposite leg as he goes for a cover, but Sheamus kicks out and gets momentum back.

Sheamus lands white noise from the middle rope, but Riddle kicks out. Sheamus goes for the brogue kick but Riddle collapses before he can land it.

Sheamus talks trash and Riddle reverses with a high kick. Sheamus goes for an electric chair slam but Riddle reverses. The pair shift control back and forth, but Riddle eventually rolling up Sheamus for the three.

Winner and advancing to the triple threat: Riddle

Backstage, Asuka is with Lana. Asuka heard that Lana wanted to challenge her, but Lana says she was misheard. Asuka says she likes challenges and will see her in the ring, saying tonight she might go home as RAW Women’s Champion. Commercial break.

Back live it’s made official that Lana will challenge Asuka for the RAW Women’s Championship. We then go to the funhouse with Bray and Alexa.

Firefly funhouse segment

The pair say that tonight’s episode of the funhouse is about friendship. Bray notes that friends always let you down, noting how Orton betrayed him and burned down his house.

A frog puppet appears. His name is the friendship frog, and he believes that friendship lasts forever. Bray asks Alexa to show the frog what she’s going to do to Alexa tonight. Bray shifts Alexa into her dark state and she murders the frog with a mallet. Bray asks the viewers to join them in a brief moment of silence for the frog. At the end, Bray says it’s a real shame that he croaked as Alexa and Bray laugh to end the segment,

Back to the ring where Asuka is set to defend her title against Lana. That match is up after the break.

Asuka versus Lana for the RAW Women’s Championship

Before the match can begin, Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler enter. They’re here to watch.

The match is on now. Lana off the ropes into a pin attempt for a near fall. Asuka quickly takes momentum with a knee strike. Asuka to the outside where she’s taunted by Jax and Baszler. The tag champs attack Asuka, resulting in a DQ.

Winner and still champ: Asuka

Post-match, Jax attempts to put Asuka through a table but Lana helps make sure that doesn’t happen. Jax, clearly cheesed, takes the mic and asks for a tag match. We’ll likely get that after the break.

Lana and Asuka versus Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

Back live, where Jax is throwing Lana all over the ring. She hits a short-arm clothesline and taunts her. Jax tags in Shayna, who puts on a neck crank and tags Jax back in. Jax taunts Lana relentlessly.

Lana fights back with kicks but it goes nowhere as Baszler is tagged back in. She hits a nasty kick to Lana’s back followed by a half Boston crab, contorting Lana’s leg in an awkward direction.

Lana eventually finds an opening and tags in Asuka. Asuka with a high kick to Shayna followed by double knees, a hip attack, a back fist and a suplex. Asuka with a shining wizard now but a kick out from Baszler.

Asuka’s kick is caught as Baszler follows up with a high knee for a near fall. Things break down outside the ring as Lana avoids Jax, who falls over the announce desk. Shayna goes for a kirifuda clutch on Lana on the apron, but Asuka comes from behind for a roll-up three.

Winners: Asuka and Lana

To the back, where Riddle is with MVP. He wants to wish Lashley good luck in his match against Keith Lee. Riddle puts over Lee and tries to talk business investments with MVP, such as pizza yogurt. MVP says he’s not Riddle’s bro, but tells him to come up with his best investment ideas and come back in a few weeks. If MVP and company doesn’t like Riddle’s ideas, they’ll “do some business.” Commercial break.

Back live we get a replay of Roman Reigns defeated Drew McIntyre at Survivor Series.

To the ring, where Keith Lee is entering. Lashley follows for their qualifying match.

Keith Lee versus Bobby Lashley

A feeling out process early as the pair test each other’s power. That’s going to be the story here, as Lashley is usually the stronger man, but not necessarily here.

Lashley locks in a deep headlock. Lee eventually gets out of it as Lashley goes off the ropes for a shoulder tackle, but Lee stands his ground. Lee shoves Lashley into the corner and hits him with two big chops.

Lashley continues to get frustrated by the power of Lee, but he eventually lands a flatliner, however Lee kicks out at one, Lashley goes for the hurt lock but Lee powers out, hitting a shoulder tackle and then sending Lashley to the outside.

Lee goes for a dive, but MVP gets in the way. Lee isn’t pleased, as he heads after him, which is enough time to Lashley to take control with strikes on the outside.

Lashley sends Lee into the barricade and rolls back into the ring. He then escorts the ring again and picks Lee up, throwing his head into the post in a fireman’s carry position. Commercial break with Lashley in control.

Back live, Lashley has the right arm of Lee isolated. He then goes for a cover and locks in a neck crank. Lashley off the ropes where he’s hit with a forearm shiver from Lee. Lee shows his athleticism though, jumping over lee and landing a delayed suplex.

Lashley goes for the hurt lock but Lee gets out. Lashley then tries to spear Lee but this time it’s Lee showing his athleticism, jumping over his opponent to take control. He then lands two cross-bodies, one on the outside of the ring and one on the inside.

As the official is checking on Lashley, MVP attacks Lee, who manages to get back in the ring at the count of eight. Lashley tries to lock in the hurt lock, but Lee powers out.

Lashley transitions into a sleeper, but Lee drops down and takes him out. Suddenly, MVP — protecting his investment — enters the ring and attacks Lee, resulting in a DQ win.

Winner and advancing to the triple threat next week: Keith Lee

Back to the announce team, who transition to a video package showcasing the long-term friendship and breakup of Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss.

Backstage, where Cross is interviewed. She says she didn’t give up on Bliss, Bliss gave up on her. Cross adds that she tried, and is done trying, making it clear that Bliss wants The Fiend. Cross continues, saying she’s sick and tired of worrying about Bliss and that tonight she’s going to beat The Fiend out of Bliss. Commercial break as Cross heads to the ring.

Back live as Bliss enters.

Nikki Cross versus Alexa Bliss

Bliss toys with Cross to start, evading multiple maneuvers while joking around. It’s like she’s playing a game. Cross is conflicted, but hits a clothesline on the outside and throws Bliss back in the ring.

Bliss is laughing the entire time as Cross lays in kicks. Cross with a short arm clothesline as Bliss continues to laugh. Cross tries to knock some sense into Bliss, slamming her head into the mat a handful of times. Cross with the cover but Bliss kicks out.

Cross-body in the corner on Bliss followed by a number of forearms. Bliss is pleading with Cross to stop. She looks terrified and starts to cry for help. Cross stops the beat down and helps lift her up as Bliss says she’s sorry.

The two embrace, but out of nowhere, Bliss lands sister Abigail for the win, laughing the whole time.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Commercial break.

Back live where the video tribute to the Undertaker from yesterday is replayed.

To the ring for the main event, as AJ Styles battles Randy Orton for the final spot in next week’s triple threat. Orton enters first. Styles will enter after the break.

AJ Styles versus Randy Orton

Back live as Styles enters. We’re on. Styles goes for a cover right away. Orton kicks out as the pair share a chuckle.

Styles off the ropes, but he’s met with an uppercut from Orton. Styles gets back into it with shoulder shots in the corner and a dropkick. Styles with a cover, Orton kicks out. Styles with a thumb to the eye right after, which pisses off Orton, who throws Styles to the outside.

Orton throws Styles into his bodyguard Jordan Omogbehin, but he catches him and puts him on the apron, allowing Styles to get the upper hand with a kick, followed by a back suplex onto the announce desk. Commercial break with Styles in control.

Back live, Orton is swinging away on Styles in the corner. Both men to the top rope, but Styles slides away and chop blocks Orton. Styles targeting the left knee of Orton with a shin lock, waring down the bigger man,

Orton gets back to his feet, hitting a big right hand. Styles counters, looking for the calf crusher, but Orton isn’t having it as he throws Styles waist first into the top rope. Orton with a cover for a near fall.

Orton looks for a suplex, but Styles lands a chop block. Orton fights back with a neck breaker, but he favours his knee right after. Orton looks for the draping DDT, but no luck. He tries to run after Styles, but his leg is compromised, which allows Styles to secure the calf crusher. Orton eventually gets to the ropes to break up the submission.

Styles strikes at Orton, but he regains momentum with a power slam. Orton measures Styles, looking for an RKO but Styles reverses and hits an enziguri. Orton slips out of the ring to avoid the pin.

Styles heads to the outside, but shortly after The Fiend’s music hits. Orton is distracted, but gets back into things with a draping DDT. He looks for an RKO, but the lights go down and The Fiend’s music hits again. This time he’s behind Orton!

The lights turn back on with Orton dazed and confused. Styles takes advantage with a phenomenal forearm for the pin.

Winner and advancing to the triple threat: AJ Styles

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