Why WWE Fired Another Rounds Of Employees Last Week


Tony Chimel was released from WWE on Friday along with about a dozen others. We have new information on this situation.

Chimel, who was SmackDown ring announcer, was working backstage in WWE. He hadn’t announced in quite a while and was doing other things. Derek Casselman, Director of Venue Merchandise and Remote Operations was also fired among others.

Ringside News has learned that Tony Chimel was furloughed at the time of his release.

A source in the company told us that Chimel hadn’t been around “in forever” as he was furloughed. WWE went through another round of cuts on Friday when they decided not to bring people back.

Essentially, it was summed up to us as: “WWE continues to cut costs to maximize the booked profits.” Fans might not know the names of everyone who WWE released on Friday, but they still played a role in the company that will now have to filled in some other fashion.

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