WWE continued operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, and their production needed to change in a big way. Coronavirus testing was eventually instituted prior to every show, but some WWE Superstars’ first COVID-19 test was prior to an AEW event.

Alexa Bliss lives in Orlando because she trained at the WWE Performance Center, and she never left the area. WWE’s relocation to Orlando during the pandemic worked out for her. She spoke with Alison Rosen about the pandemic and WWE’s testing protocol. Then she discussed how being home so much was actually a lot of fun for her.

“We COVID test the day before television and we have to self-quarantine until television so there’s no risk of us contracting COVID in any way.”

“When you’re there you have to wear masks the entire time before you have to go out and perform. They have people cleaning 24/7. Where ever anyone goes someone just wipes it back down.”


“It’s kind of been nice being home because normally we travel over 300 days a year and it’s nice to finally be home, I finally decorated my office. I finally hung out with my animals. I got four dogs and a pig. I got to hang out with them, so it’s been fun.”

Bliss might have been home for WWE’s pandemic stay in Orlando, but other Superstars had to fly in every week. There could be vaccine for COVID-19, but it’s in the very early stages and not ready at all. In the meantime, WWE’s COVID-19 protocol will likely continue.

Alexa Bliss also might have to start traveling a lot more often because WWE’s lease with the Amway Center expires in December.

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