Miro was released from WWE on April 15th, but he was almost fired by the company a lot longer before then. Rusev had an idea for a spot during a dark match that did not make the higher-ups in the back very happy at all.

While speaking to Talk Is Jericho, Miro explained that there was a superkick party spot that he did during a dark match. This was a few weeks before WrestleMania, and he was fined for the spot. He was told that they almost fired him as well, and then he lost at WrestleMania three weeks later.

“We had a dark match before Mania, and I got superkicked by the ref. And I guess they got really mad about that, but once again, it’s a dark match. So, it’s me, Baron Corbin [and] Aiden English vs. The Usos and AJ [Styles]. We go out there, and I had idea of a superkick party. They would superkick us three times in a row, and then we’ll throw Aiden English to get superkick. He rolls out. We throw him back in. He gets superkicked. People are loving it.”

“Finally, all three of us roll. We stare at each other. I think it’s The Usos and the ref [that] superkicks all three of us, and AJ puts the ref shirt [on and] comes down and counts one, two. I kick out of course because I’m going to protect myself, but then we go through the back and we got yelled [at]. We got fined, and they told me if I didn’t kick out, I was going to get fired. Vince wasn’t there. Vince left. They yelled at us. We had phone calls. We had emails. We had another phone call.”


“And they made me lose at Mania three weeks later. We had a four-way, there’s three people that can lose, and I hate to say it, but out of these four people, I believe I was the most over. “Why would you make me lose? What does that get you?”

Miro has a lot of creative ideas in the ring, but WWE wasn’t about a referee superkicking a Superstar in the ring. We’ll have to see if Miro pulls that spot idea out in AEW, but even their dark matches are streamed online. If it happens fans will very likely see it happen.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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