This is a very important day in United States history. The United States election is going on today which could determine a 46th POTUS, or it could keep 45 around for four more years. Kayla Braxton just wants people to vote.

The WWE The Bump host tweeted out that everyone should vote. If people don’t vote then she suggested they keep their mouths shut about the end result.

No matter the outcome, be kind. Also #vote. If you don’t vote, then keep your mouth shut.

Braxton is aware that voter suppression is a huge issue during this current US Presidential election. Mick Foley also dropped a passionate video on the subject.


After giving her responses a look, Kayla Braxton sent out a follow-up tweet which explained her previous tweet a bit better.

If circumstances have kept you from voting despite trying, my last tweet was not directed toward you. I should have phrased it : if you CHOOSE NOT to vote, that’s your choice. But you don’t have a right to complain when you don’t get the outcome you want.

Some fans apparently came at Braxton for being “privileged.” She’s been very open in the past about being foster child who had to make it where she is through hard work. Braxton then clarified exactly who she is for those who mistakenly labeled her.

I’m biracial and was raised in foster care in Alabama. There’s nothing “privileged” about me. I worked hard and made good choices. I do my best to be kind to those who have treated me with hatred. Returning hatred with hatred gets you nowhere. It will get US nowhere.

There are a lot of opinions going around, but if you don’t at least try to make your voice heard, then there is little ground to stand on if you want to complain about the situation. Kayla Braxton spoke her piece on the matter as she encouraged others to do the same.

Felix Upton

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