Interesting Note On AEW Full Gear Tickets Not Selling Out


All Elite Wrestling pay-per-view events sold out in record time prior to the pandemic. They opened up just under 1,000 seats for Full Gear, but they haven’t sold out yet.

The world is a different place than it was nine months ago. Some people don’t have the funds to attend wrestling shows, and others are concerned about going to any event due to COVID-19 risks.

AEW Full Gear tickets went on sale yesterday, but it wasn’t the immediate sell-out that some were expecting.

It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that AEW has “burned out” the Jacksonville market. There were just under 100 tickets available last night, and you can see how many are available now in the image below.

They will sell out Full Gear, but the fact that tickets weren’t immediately snatched up is certainly a sign that there are some things getting in the way of AEW fans attending shows. Things are much different now. There is no socializing at the event except for with those in your “pod.” Tailgating is not an option, and meet & greets are not happening. We’ll have to see if things improve as time goes on, but social distancing ticket availability might be the most tickets they can sell for now.

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