Jey Uso’s Condition After Bad Table Bump On WWE SmackDown

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Jey Uso beat the bejesus out of Daniel Bryan to conclude SmackDown this week. That assault didn’t stop when the camera cut off their Fox Network feed either. Some fans were worried about that nasty table spot that Uso took, and for good reason, because it looked nasty.

Uce jumped off the top of the turnbuckle onto Daniel Bryan, who was waiting patiently on the announce table for the bump. Jey Uso didn’t get the distance he needed which caused his sternum to collide with the corner of the table.

Everything broke as it was supposed to, thankfully. Fans were still worried about Jey Uso, despite the fact that he carried on afterward. Fightful Select has confirmed that Uce is okay.

As noted on the Smackdown post-show on Fightful, Jey Uso was said to have been fine after a  scary spot to close the show.

The fact that Jey Uso continued with his assault on Daniel Bryan wasn’t a sign he was okay. He could have pushed through the pain. Now we have it confirmed that he checked out, and there was no significant damage. That being said, it couldn’t have felt amazing hitting the corner of the table like that.

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