Lana & Miro Get Halloween Makeovers


Miro and Lana are still married despite what WWE did to their relationship on television. The couple recently uploaded a new video on Lana’s YouTube channel that was just in time for Halloween.

The Ravishing Russian and her Best Man husband got a Pennywise makeover, and they documented the entire experience. They had plenty of fun cracking jokes along the way, but they didn’t 100% stick to the Pennywise look.

Lana told a story along the way about watching scary movies with Liv Morgan. The Riott Squad member apparently likes the kind of horror movies that Lana can’t even get 30 minutes into without wanting to turn it off. Lana did eventually get through the whole movie, but she had to “watch it through a blanket.”

In the end, their makeup jobs might not have been perfect, but at least Lana and Miro had fun along the way. That is what Halloween is all about , after all. You can check out the video below.

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