Update: There have been MANY updates to this story since the news broke. For a comprehensive rundown to get the best picture of what’s going on right now please click here.

Original: Karl Anderson often refers to his wife as “my hot Asian wife.” Her name is Christine, and she doesn’t appear to be happy.

Two days ago, she posted a photo on Instagram of The Machine Gun sleeping on the couch. He had the word “Cheater” and “asshole” written all over him. The caption said: “I don’t play nice.”

It wasn’t 100% clear what was going on, but recent Instagram stories have certainly cleared things up. One new post, which is only a black screen, has text written in the bottom corner of the frame saying:


#Halloween2020 What else can go worse?

Running away doesn’t resolve anything. Kids haven’t seen you in 2 days. Your ego is more important than your family. Hope she was worth it. BTW- Alcohol caused all of this. Maybe you should get some real help. Let’s see what true friends will.”

A second Instagram story showed their son on their front porch. He was looking down at shoes. The caption was about knowing which footprints to follow.

“I see shoes you chose baby Cash. It’s a lot to be in but you chose the right footsteps to follow. Stay loving, strong, loyal, and a smart bad-ass”

We will continue to monitor this ongoing situation, and we hope for the best. Anderson and his wife have four sons, and this situation seems to be a very messy one.

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