WWE put Aalyah Mysterio in a romantic storyline with Murphy. Some fans don’t like the fact that she’s 19, and he’s 31, but they’ll have to deal with it; because that’s what Vince McMahon decided to put on television.

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Aalyah and Murphy walked out to the ring together. Murphy took the microphone and he apologized to Rey and Dominik for what he has done. Then he invited the Mysterios out so he could address them personally.

They did not come out. Murphy said “I’m begging you. I need to apologize to you.” They still didn’t come out. Aalyah looked sad and said “it’s okay.” Then Seth Rollins came out instead.


Rollins said that Rey and Dominik will never accept Murphy and Aalyah together, but “I will, always. I will accept you for what you are, and I will forgive you.” Rollins not only accepted their relationship, but he “embraced it.” He said that “there’s a place for all of us in the Greater Good.”

Seth Rollins said it doesn’t matter what her last name is, he’s not the bad guy in this situation. He said that Rey Mysterio forced his hand every step of the way, and the way that Mysterio has acted toward Aalyah was “controlling.’ Rollins then called Dominik “a coward.”

Suddenly, Dominik Mysterio attacked Rollins from behind. Seth turned things around, and Murphy saved Dominik. Suddenly, Dominik pummeled Murphy while Aalyah yelled “stop, don’t hurt him!” Rey Mysterio came out next to attack Murphy too.

Aalyah said “I’m not going with you, dad, I love him!” Then she said it again while Mysterio tried to get her to leave with him.

Dominik and Rey Mysterio left while Aalyah and Murphy kissed in the ring. Then Murphy and Aalyah held each other while they went to commercial. Click here for the latest on Aalyah Mysterio’s contract status.

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