Chad Gable has his old name back in WWE, but there was a run as Shorty G that fans aren’t likely to forget. He’s always open to capture any opportunity in front of him, and that was one he couldn’t pass up.

While speaking to After The Bell, Chad Gable explained how the Shorty G name came about. They were in a position where the writers were trying to figure out what to do with him. He admitted that it wasn’t an ideal situation, but he still went with it in hopes of making something more out of the gimmick.

I always ask for opportunity, I’ve been in Vince’s office, I’ve talked to the writers, everybody. I’m asking constantly for opportunity. That’s what I want. When I finished the King Of The Ring it was explained to me that this was the direction we were going. We’re gonna be playing off this short thing going forward, including the Shorty G name. Look, I’m not the type of guy that’s gonna go in, ask for opportunity and then when given it, complain about it. Or say I don’t that opportunity, I want the opportunity I want. That’s just not my philosophy on life, I got what I wanted which was a opportunity. Now, is it the perfect ideal situation what I wanted, No.

It started going a little off the rails when I’m doing segments or backstage things or I’m in the ring with guys that I’m taller than. Doing an interview backstage and I’m the tallest person in the interview. Something ain’t quite right here.


I’m not gonna poo poo any opportunity I’m given. I’m gonna try, I’m gonna give it every ounce of energy I have because I love this, I’m committed to this

Shorty G’s return to Chad Gable was met by praise within the fan base. He’s still the same wrestler with incredible ability. Now that Gable is a bit more focused he might see a bigger spotlight. Stay tuned.

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