Rosemary Answers Unhappy Fans After Impact Wrestling Wedding Shooting Angle


Impact Wrestling let a wedding end in a shooting this week. It was a real “whodunnit?” situation, and plenty of fans made Simpsons “who shot Mr. Burns?” jokes. Perhaps Maggie did it? Rosemary fired back through her Courtney Rush account to answer some critical fans.

One fan tweeted out saying: “Great wrestling. Stupid skits. Be original. Stick with wrestling, not lame ‘comedy'” Rosemary had a reply to that, and she had a little fun with her reply to this obvious burner account.

*shaking fist* ‘Be original! Do what everybody else is doing and stop thinking outside the box. Original, dammit!’

Ok, Burner Account Bill. Keep bein salty. (I also pop anytime ‘lame’ is used as an insult, like 1995 called bud, you still got ‘sike’ in your arsenal, too?)

She also answered back to a fan who blamed this kind of segment for putting them off pro wrestling.

You must’ve been put off wrestling for decades then; it’s nothing new. I can’t remember matches but I sure as shit remember Macho Man bit by a snake or Ultimate Warrior suffocating in the casket

I get its not for everyone but don’t act like wrestling hasn’t always been weird

The Impact Wrestling wedding might not have been for everyone, but it certainly got people talking. We’ll have to see where this storyline heads, but it started out making enough headlines to be considered a success.

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