Brodie Lee Says Vince McMahon Comparisons Were ‘Detrimental’ To Him In AEW


Brodie Lee entered AEW as The Exalted One, and the promos that followed seemed to parody Vince McMahon. In the end, that seemed to do more harm than good.

During AEW Unrestricted, Brodie Lee opened up about those Vince McMahon parody skits. He said that’s all people talked about, and it didn’t do much to help him. The only thing fans seemed to care about was which idiosyncrasy of McMahon’s that Brodie Lee was going to call out next.

“The Vince McMahon comparisons flew! That’s all people talked about the first 3 to 4 weeks of my AEW career, and that became I think detrimental to me, and I didn’t like it. I didn’t want it. So I tried to get away from the stuff that they were saying so as opposed to a multi-colored suit, I now went with a full tailored to me that I don’t think looks like a Vince McMahon or anybody else. This is my bi-monthly routine now is to go get a suit made, and I love it.”

The practice to get away from the Vince McMahon character led to Brodie Lee getting custom suits made. It takes some money to pull off a look like Mr. Brodie Lee, but he wanted to make sure that it is unique to him so people didn’t think everything he did was a shot at Vince McMahon.

Thanks to AEW Unrestricted for the quote

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