WWE Locks Down Names For Toni Storm & More

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Toni Storm recently returned to NXT and she has her eyes set on the top of the NXT women’s division. The company recently locked her name down with a trademark along with four others.

WWE filed trademarks on October 22nd for the names Toni Storm and Ridge Holland from NXT according to Heel By Nature. They also locked down Saxton Huxley, Sid Scala, and Sam Gradwell from NXT UK.

The trademarks were filed with the typical uses listed in the filing. The company can use those names on television, marketing, and for merchandising purposes.

Lauren Dienes-Middlen, WWE’s Assistant General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Intellectual Property recently spoke about WWE’s quest to stop bootleggers and pirates. Locking down those Superstar names certainly helps that process

WWE has been on a tear recently in securing Superstar names. They also gave out a lot of new names to NXT Superstars who have yet to make their televised debuts.

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