WWE Changes Up Several NXT Superstar Names

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WWE is always on the quest to make sure that any name that appears on their television product is under their ownership, even if they must change their name.

Recent filings indicate that WWE registered several new ring names on October 20th. Those names include Akeem Young, Ivy Nile, Xyon Quinn, Tony Modra, and Odyssey Jones.

Daniel Vidot has already updated his social media profile to “Xyon Quinn” which is his new name. Omari Palmer has also change his social media handle to Odyssey Jones, and Sidney Bateman has done the same with Akeem Young as his new name.

It is unclear who is Ivy Nile and Tony Modra, but the company obviously plans on using those names for someone.

We will have to see when those Superstars see their NXT debut, but the company is getting them ready.

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