The Miz took Otis to court and this week on SmackDown included a “Law & Otis” segment. What happened next was a segment featuring the APA which resulted in a Hell In A Cell match.

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The Miz said “the truth is on my side” while addressing the judge, who happened to be JBL. Ron Simmons was also the bailiff. The Miz said that the Money In The Bank briefcase needs to be on a Superstar who can honor it, and he is that man.

After listening to how he’s victimized The Miz and abused the MITB briefcase, Otis said “I deserve the Money In The Bank contract because I won it.” That was a pretty good argument.


Later on, they continued the trial. John Morrison was on the witness stand talking about the trauma that Otis has put them through. He said the scars inside hurt the most. Then he started crying.

Rey Mysterio took the stand next, and he said Otis should be able to cash in that contract because he won straight-up. Asuka was a witness next, but she spoke Japanese, and JBL didn’t understand it, however, Teddy Long was there as their stenographer and he got every word, playa. Tucker took the stand next and said that Miz deserved everything Otis did to him. Tucker almost beat him up, too.

JBL promised to render his verdict when they reconvene. When they came back, JBL said “the truth” is missing. He said all the things that Otis has done just make him a WWE Superstar. JBL also said that the Money In The Bank winner has one year to cash in as well.

Just as JBL was about to rule in Otis’ favor, The Miz submitted a new piece of evidence, a black briefcase full of cash. Simmons brought the briefcase to JBL and he opened it while a “cha-ching” sound played.

Then JBL ruled in The Miz’s favor. JBL booked a match at Hell In A Cell with The Miz vs Otis for the Money In The Bank contract. Then Ron Simmons said: “Damn!”

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