Sami Zayn Says One Of WWE’s Main Goals Is To Disrespect Him

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Sami Zayn won the big triple threat ladder match at Clash Of Champions Gold Rush. He might be the undisputed IC Champion, but it wasn’t enough for Zayn to make the new SmackDown opening.

You can can click here for our full write-up and video of the new Friday Night SmackDown opening.

Sami Zayn certainly noticed that he wasn’t included in the blue brand’s new intro. He tweeted out that WWE has two objectives. The first is to make “massive profits,” and the other is to “disrespect Sami Zayn every chance they get.”

He doesn’t seem pleased to get snubbed out of the opening.

People think @WWE is this international media giant whose goal is to not only turn massive profits, but to bring joy to millions of fans worldwide. And while that is all true, it’s actually secondary to it’s main objective, which is to disrespect Sami Zayn every chance they get.

Sami Zayn received a big opportunity when WWE placed the IC Title back on him after coming back from a long hiatus. This is certainly an interesting time for the former NXT Champion, but he’s still not getting all the love he believes he deserves.

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