Ethan Page noticed that Joey Janela was selling cards with his image on them. He didn’t appreciate this because he was not asked permission before his image was used in this way. Now Page is off Janela’s Spring Break event.

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Janela sent Page $1.98 Canadian in after Page asked for royalties. This rubbed Page the wrong way and he made it very clear that he will no longer be working Joey Janela’s Spring Break event now.

I will not be taking part in @GCWrestling_ spring break event hotel / travel split may be messed up for the other companies that I’ll still be doing business with


I will not be belittled for protecting my only source of income during these trying times If you wanna come close enough to stick your hand in my pocket & steal from me You can handle wtf happens after

Id also Love to see what @JANELABABY ‘s little bitch ass would say to my face behind closed doors Just the 2 of us

But on twitter. Man. What a BAAAAD BAAAD BOY …. Hahahaha Man. F*ck. This. Dude.

This is not a storyline or any kind angle from the look of it. Let’s see where this situation leads, but Joey Janela and Ethan Page have some patching up to do if they want to work with each other again.

It should be noted that Janela deleted his tweets toward Page.

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