WWE has a lot of plans for Roman Reigns, but they are coming up with his creative direction in a very different way from the rest of the show.

Ringside News has learned that Roman Reigns’ current storyline “isn’t driven” by WWE’s creative team. His angles are “driven by Roman and Heyman, just like Brock Lesnar’s creative was driven by Brock and Heyman.” It was also noted that Michael Hayes is in the loop.

A tenured member of the creative team with first-hand knowledge of the situation confirmed that WWE’s creative team isn’t a part of what The Tribal Chief does on television. Those angles are arranged by a much smaller and separate team.

The rhetorical questions were asked: “do their promos sound like everyone else’s?” and “does their creative look like something from the same team that does everything else?” This was a way of further solidifying that the same people are not working on Roman Reigns’ creative direction as with the rest of the roster.


Roman Reigns is special, and he continues to be treated as such even in the way his segments are created. This is also working to set Reigns apart from the rest of the roster. Each week he has been involved in a segment that left fans talking so far.

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