WWE television is tightly scripted and words have meaning. This should be remembered when watching something Vince McMahon’s company produces. Matt Hardy had a scary spot at All Out, and WWE noticed.

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Matt Hardy was knocked unconscious for around 45 seconds at All Out. Sammy Guevara hit a crossbody dive on him and they both fell from a forklift. Hardy’s head missed a table. He hit the pavement hard. Click here to watch that.

During SmackDown this week, Jeff Hardy hit the ground after his match. He fell on his own and then rolled around the Connor’s Cure logo on the ramp as they cut to commercial.


They went backstage later on for a check-up and the verbiage they used was very specific. They made it clear that Jeff Hardy did not lose consciousness.

There was no way anyone thought he was knocked out. Jeff Hardy was selling the entire time after he fell on his own. They said it was due to dehydration, but he did not lose consciousness. They called attention to the fact that the younger Hardy Boy didn’t lose consciousness on purpose because the older one did last week at All Out.

Plenty of fans noticed this line, so we weren’t alone. AEW has taken plenty of shots at WWE over the past year. This time it was WWE’s turn to take a jab.

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