Welcome to All Elite Wrestling’s flagship PPV of the year, All Out!

Tonight’s All Out has a tonne of matches in the pipeline, the main event of which sees Jon Moxley defend the AEW Championship against MJF. The young, talented MJF is AEW’s only great heel and he has promised to force the rough and tumble Jon Moxley into having a wrestling match. MJF pounded Moxley on this week’s Dynamite, and left him a bloody mess. Can he do the same tonight?

That’s far from the only title on the line tonight though, as FTR challenge Omega and Page for the AEW Tag Team Championships, and Hikaru Shida defends the AEW Women’s Championship against the impressive Thunder Rosa. Beyond that there are a further six matches on the main card, including the Casino Battle Royale, Chris Jericho Vs. Orange Cassidy, and Matt Hardy Vs. Sammy Guevara.

Before all that however, The Buy-In will see Joey Janela Vs. Serpentico, and Private Party Vs. Dark Order. The Buy-In starts at 7 PM EST, and the main card at 8 PM. So strap in for a long night of flips, dives, and non-stop action, and you’ll find live updates right here. Enjoy the show!


The Buy-In

The AEW All Out Buy-In show opens with Dasha Fuentes and Tony Schiavone running down the card for the show.

MJF cuts a promo about his match tonight and he reiterates that he will be keeping Moxley in the ring, and that Jon has one killshot, the Paradigm Shift, and it’s gone. He says bad things happen to people who come between him and his goals, and tonight we’re going to see a true paradigm shift.

Some of the competitors in the Casino Battle Royale cut generic promos about how they will win and go on to face the AEW World Heavyweight Champion. A video package airs for the feud between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy.

We get a lengthy video about FTR, with various wrestlers discussing their rise to the apex of AEW, as well as how they got this shot tonight thanks to Adam Page’s interference.

Jon Moxley cuts a promo on the hood of the car he got from Jericho. He says he woke up with a great taste in his mouth today, the taste you get from feeling alive. He says he loves having a young stud like MJF coming after him but he climbed mountains to get to where he is. He’s a caged animal and he will do anything to retain his title. And if things come down to it, MJF needs to remember he isn’t the bad guy, Mox is.

Joey Janela W/Sonny Kiss Vs. Serpentico W/Luther

The match gets underway when Joey runs down and sucker punches Serpentico, hits some lariats and screams – all while wearing sunglasses. Janela tosses Serpentico out of the ring and goes out after him, then whips him into the barricade and hits a back body drop. Janela gets distracted by Luther but just hits Serpentico and puts him back in the ring anyway.

Joey goes up top but stops when Luther attacks Sonny at ringside, allowing Serpentico to knock him off the top rope to the floor. Serpentico gets him back in the ring and hits a flapjack for a one-count. Serpentico whips him hard into the buckles, then face washes him and hits a running knee.

Serpentico hits a running basement lariat and a suplex, then goes up top but just jumps down to stamp on Joey. That angers Jelly and he rushes Serpentico in the corner, but gets dropped and hit with a double foot stomp for another one count. Serpentico goes up top again and looks for a Swanton Bomb but Joey gets his knees up.

Janela hits a Death Valley Driver and a superkick, then attempts a moonsault but nobody’s home. Serpentico hits a wonky superkick and a DDT for a two-count. Janela hits a fisherman superplex for a near-fall. Janela hits the ropes but Luther grabs his foot and the referee is just too busy to see, so Sonny hits him. Serpentico knees Joey but gets caught with a clothesline. Janela with an elbow drop for the win.

Winner: Joey Janela

It’s time for the last match of the Buy-In, with John Silver and Alex Reynolds taking on Mark Quen and Isiah Kassidy.

Private Party Vs. Dark Order

The match starts with Silver and Kassidy and, to my amazement, they lock-up. Kassidy takes a headlock but Silver whips him to the corner, only to get caught with multiple arm-drags. Reynolds tags in and they look for a double-team but Quen runs in and they hit a double dropkick.

Kassidy stays in control of Silver for a hot minute until Reynolds powerbombs Isiah into Silver’s knees. Silver stomps Kassidy and whips him into the buckles, then tags Reynolds for some shoulder tackles. Reynolds hits a sidewalk slam and knocks Quen off the apron, then applies a leglock to Kassidy. Silver tags in and drops an elbow on Kassidy, followed by some chest kicks.

Reynolds tags back in and applies a sleeper to Kassidy, who starts to fight up but gets slammed down. Kassidy is beat into the heel corner but fights out and reverses Silver to tag Quen. Mark comes in with lariats to both men, an atomic drop to Silver, and clotheslines Reynolds out of the ring.

Quen hits a moonsault to Silver but Reynolds breaks it up. Dark Order counter Silly String and hit a big spin-out powerbomb for a near-fall. They put both Private Party on the top ropes but both get knocked down and Silver is splashed. Quen misses his dive and Dark Order double-team him for another near-fall. Quen hits an enziguiri to Silver, then hits Juice and Gin for the win.

Winners: Private Party

The announcers run down the whole card for AEW All Out once more and that’s going to do it for the Buy-In. AEW All Out starts right now!

All Out

Jim Ross has joined the commentary team and he runs down the card for All Out with Tony Schiavone and Exaclibur.

Tooth & Nail Match

Big Swole Vs. Dr. Britt Baker

The camera cuts backstage and we see Big Swole step out of Rolls Royce – this is a WWE cinematic match. She walks into Britt Baker’s dentistry and Reba asks her to sign a form. Swole hits her terribly with the clipboard. Swole goes looking for Baker and sees a dentist chair covered in blood. 

Swole continue walking backstage and finds a cupboard full of drugs, but Baker comes behind her and terribly hits her with a picture frame and it smashes. The referee then calls for the bell and it rings somehow. Baker tries to take a tooth out of Swole’s mouth but she fights her off, drops Reba again, then chases Baker outside the dentistry.

Swole beats Baker with a street sig and throws her into some boxes. Reba is back again and they fight onto Britt Baker’s Rolls-Royce wheelchair thing. Baker hits a DDT on top of it while one of the three of them endlessly screams. Swole then tosses Reba into a trash can but Reba reaches out with a crutch to Baker, who hits Swole in the back with it.

Baker runs back inside the dentist office but Swole comes after and slams her face into a countertop. Baker hits a swinging neckbreaker on the floor for a two-count. They continue to brawl throughout the dentistry and Baker hits a superkick that drops Swole on a dentist chair. Baker then grabs a power drill and misses, drilling a hole through the chair.

Swole falls onto the floor, and Baker gets a syringe of novacaine from Reba. Swole makes Baker inject herself with Reba screams “you stabbed her” with a banana peel on her head. Big Swole hands Reba Britt’s diploma and punches through it into Reba. Swole hits Dirty Dancing to Baker, knocking her onto the chair, then puts the gas mask on her face. Baker passes out from the gas and Swole has won the match.

Winner: Big Swole

Well, that was a pretty terrible match on all fronts, and a super weird way to start the show.

The Young Bucks Vs. Jurassic Express

The match starts with Nick Jackson and Jungle Boy, and they lock-up with Nick taking the wrist. Jungle Boy hits a springboard arm-drag, then Nick does the same. They get up and Nick won’t shake Jungle Boys hand, Matt comes in and slaps Jungle Boy, asking him to slap him – because the Bucks are now heels because Hangman is a heel and Kenny is sometimes a heel. Don’t ask questions.

Luchasauras tags in and they knock the Bucks out of the ring, where Marko prods Matt with the crutch. Lucha hits a kick to Matt, and both men tag out but Jurassic Express hit a tail-whip/suplex combo for two. Luchasauras tags back in and tosses Nick to the corner, but Nick does a lot of meaningless dives and rolls and tags Matt.

Matt dropkicks Luchasauras and tags Nick right back in so they can hit a double dropkick and a bulldog/dropkick combo for a one-count. The Bucks double-team Luchasauras, who tags Jungle Boy and he hurricanrana’s Nick onto the ramp. JB springboards in but Matt catches him with a northern lights suplex, and does so all across the ring until they botch trying to go over the top rope. Matt ends up flipping JB over the barricade onto concrete as well.

The Bucks double-team and isolate Jungle Boy in their corner while JR and Schiavone try to figure out which Jackson is which. Jungle Boy leaps over Matt and rolls to tag Luchasauras but Nick superkicks him off the apron. Marko Stunt then pulls Nick off the apron and the referee doesn’t care. Jungle Boy catches Matt with a clothesline and both men are down.

Luchasauras comes in with lariats to both Matt and Nick, then hits both with Chokeslams and a standing moonsault to Matt for a two-count. Matt gets fired up and batters Luchasauras with fly-swat forearms, then Nick pulls his foot so Jungle Boy dives over the ropes onto Nick. Luchasauras tosses Matt out and jumps onto both of them.

Luchasauras throws Jungle Boy over the ropes to hurricanrana Nick n the apron but instead Jackson powerbombs him. Nick then leaps over the ropes and hits Luchasauras with a Canadian Destroyer, then Matt Jackson kicks Marko’s crutch away and superkicks him – at least he’s picking on someone his own size.

Matt lifts Jungle Boy onto his shoulders and Nick kicks him off. The Bucks hit Jungle Boy with a rope-hanging Swanton Bomb for a near-fall. The Bucks lift JB and look for he BTE-Trigger but Jungle Boy avoids it. The Bucks look for the Meltzer Driver but Luchsauras catches Nick and chokeslams him.

Jurassic Express hit Extinction Level Event and Nick makes a sloppy pin break while Luchasauras just watches. Jungle Boy throws Nick over the barricade and Luchasauras hits a springboard onto him and all the other guys in the crowd. Jungle Boy springboards into the ring and Matt superkicks him, then Nick comes back for a Superkick Party but he kicks out. BTE-Trigger wins the match for the heels.

Winners: The Young Bucks

It’s time for the Casino Battle Royale and 21 men will battle for a AEW World Championship shot.

Casino Battle Royale

Winner Gets AEW World Championship Match

This match starts with Jake Hager, Trent, The Blade, Rey Fenix, and Christopher Daniels. More men will enter based on random card draws for some reason. The bell rings and they all start brawling. Fenix hits Trent with a dropkick and Hager hits Daniels with a back suplex.

Blade and Hager team on Daniels until he shoves them into each other. Fenix hits a springboard arm-drag, even though that puts him in danger, then Trent does the same because logic be damned. Hager clotheslines Blade, then Daniels dropkicks Hager. Fenix and Blade try to eliminate Trent, and Hager tries to eliminate Daniels while the last 15 seconds count down.

Frankie Kazarian is out and he saves Daniels, then comes Will Hobbs, Chuck Taylor, and Santana and Ortiz together. Chuck is taken to the floor and hit with the baton by Ortiz, then he and Santana suplex him on the floor. Trent hits a suicide dive to both of them and throws them into the barricade. Will Hobbs quickly eliminates The Blade and Hager eliminates Daniels.

Billy Gunn, Ricky Starks, Brian Cage, and Pentagon come into the match, as does Darby Allin. Cage military presses Billy Gunn out of the match, but Darby Allin hits Ricky with the skateboard, then hits a Canadian Destroyer. Darby eliminates Rey Fenix and Best Friends hit Soul Food to Kazarian. Chuck is thrown over and out by Ortiz.

The final entrants are Shawn Spears, Eddie Kingston, Lance Archer, The Butcher, and Sonny Kiss, but Spears joins the commentary team and waits. He says only an idiot would join the match when it’s this busy. Archer dives over the ropes onto a bunch of people, then Sonny Kiss tosses Jake Hager over and out, but Brian Cage then dumps him out.

Trent eliminates Ortiz and tries to put Santana out but Lance Archer grabs him and throws him over Santana and out. Archer then punches Santana off the apron. Matt Sydal makes his AEW debut as the “Joker entrant”, and drops Spears on the ramp with a knee. Sydal then goes up top and literally falls off onto his head trying to hit his 450.

Pentagon goes to the apron and looks to springboard in, Kazarian swings a kick and misses completely but Pentagon falls anyway and he’s out. Butcher then Irish whips Kazarian to the corner and he flies over the ropes and out. Sydal drops Butcher with a roundhouse but Brian Cage hits him with a falcon arrow. Spears gets dropped with an F5, then Hobbs gets a neckbreaker, and Kingston gets a German suplex.

Archer runs at Cage and gets a clothesline, then Darby ducks a clothesline and Cage hits Starks. Darby hits a stunner to Cage and throws Starks out, but Cage then drops him with a Death Valley Driver. Starks drags Darby out and slams him into the ring apron. Starks pulls a body bag from under the ring and hands it to Cage, who pulls out thumb tacks and puts them in the body bag.

Cage puts Darby in the body bag and zips it up, then throws Darby over the ropes in the bag onto the ramp. Starks celebrates and opens the bag to see Darby’s face for some reason. We’re down to Cage, Archer, Spears, Sydal, Butcher, Kingston, and Hobbs. Sydal and Spears fight onto the apron and Matt hits him with a double foot stomp to eliminate him.

Sydal jumps over Hobbs but gets caught with a spinebuster. Archer asks Hobbs to hit him but Lance then hits a pounce. Cage gets up and comes toe-to-toe with Archer, and they trade hands. Cage superkicks Hobbs and tilt-a-whirl hurricanrana’s Archer onto the ropes like Rey Mysterio. Hobbs drags Cage onto the apron but Archer hits a dropkick, knocking both off. We’re down to four.

Kingston and Butcher look to team with Archer but he drops Eddie. Butcher hits a crossbody to Archer, then lifts Sydal onto the top rope. Archer knocks Butcher over the ropes and lifts Sydal up to hit a sloppy DDT to Kingston. Archer hits The Blackout to Sydal, then lifts him onto the apron and Kingston knocks him off. Archer misses a kick and Kingston gets him on the apron.

Jake Roberts holds up his snake and apparently Kingston is terrified of them. Butcher and Blade team to distract Archer, allowing Kingston to bite his ear. Archer throws Kingston off the middle rope onto Butcher and Blade to win.

Winner: Lance Archer

So Lance Archer is the new Number One Contender, which one would presume means Jon Moxley will retain the AEW Championship tonight, but it’s not as if AEW cares about heels and faces.

Broken Rules Match

Matt Hardy Vs. Sammy Guevara

Matt Hardy is on the football pitch looking for Sammy, but Guevara appears in the golf cart and tries to mow him down. Hardy avoids it and Sammy crashes. They brawl over the concourse and Matt DDT’s Sammy on an iron picnic table. They fight onto a scissor lift and it raises up. Matt looks for a Side Effect off the lift but Sammy avoids it and tackles him off and through a merchandise table. Aubrey counts but Matt gets to his feet before 10.

Matt tries to fight him but stumbles around and drags Guevara to the ground. Aubrey separates them and throws up an X. Doctors rush in and call the match but we continue to follow Sammy as he makes his way to ringside. The commentators reckon it was the table bump that allegedly gave Matt a concussion.

As I figured, it’s announced there must be a winner – so health be damned I guess – and Hardy tackles Sammy towards ringside. They brawl all the way down to the entranceway. Sammy slams Matt into a steel girder, then Guevara and Hardy both start climbing the steel. With no anticipation or brawling, Matt just punches Sammy and he falls off backwards into a big box and that’s it.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Good god, that was just plain awful in every way. WCW 1999 levels of sheer crap. Hardy stands on the girder and does the DELETE taunt while Sammy holds his ribs.

AEW Women’s Championship

(C) Hikaru Shida Vs. Thunder Rosa

The bell rings and they come face-to-face, then trade shots until Rosa tackles Shida down. Hikaru looks for a triangle but Thunder slams her and tries to switch to a Boston crab but Shida grabs the ropes. Shida grabs a headlock but Rosa takes her wrist. They trade reversals and Rosa kicks Shida in the gut, then drills her with forearms.

Shida hits a step-up enziguiri, then both attempt a dropkick at the same time, and come face-to-face again. Rosa hits a jumping forearm and slams Shida into the top turnbuckle. Rosa stays in control until Shida hits her a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Rosa rolls to the apron and Shida goes out to hit a running knee.

Shida gets a chair and sets it up on the floor, she runs but Rosa counters by running off the chair and kicking Shida! Rosa slams Shida into the apron, then wraps her body around the ringpost and twisting her torso. Rosa hits a running kick to Shida on the apron. Thunder gets the Champion in the ring and hits running powerslams into the turnbuckles, followed by a backbreaker for a two-count.

Shida counters Rosa with a sleeper, but Thunder counters into the pendulum submission. Rosa carries Shida over the corner and pendulum swings her head into the buckles. Rosa hits a leg drop to the back of Shida but the Champion grabs the legs for a stretch muffler, only for Rosa to break free and kick her down. Shida looks for the muffler again but Rosa counters her again.

They both hit the ropes but Shida catches her with a rising knee strike. Shida hits another knee for a two-count, then looks for the falcon arrow but Rosa reverses into a pin and Shida is slow to break out. Shida slams her into the buckles but Rosa avoids an elbow and hits a clothesline of her own. Rosa hits a float-over knee from the apron, then hits a nice hanging dropkick to Shida on the bottom rope.

The match spills onto the apron/ramp, and Shida shoves her into the ring post. Shida puts Rosa on the top rope but she jumps down and grabs Shida for a Death valley Driver on the apron! Rosa gets her inside for a two-count but Shida then superplexes her. Shida tosses her over the ropes onto the ramp and hits a springboard meteora. Both women get back in the ring and trade punches until Rosa hits a running kick and Shida no-sells it.

Shida hits a knee and Rosa comes back with a German suplex. Shida kicks Rosa and hits a falcon arrow but Rosa kicks out at one! Shida looks for another falcon arrow but Rosa rolls her up for two. Shida finally catches Rosa in the stretch muffler but Thunder gets to the ropes. Rosa hits a backstabber for a two-count, then they trade shots on their knees. Shida lifts Rosa and hits a beautiful backbreaker for a near-fall. Shida powers-up and hits her running knee for the win!

Winner: Hikaru Shida

I said it on Wednesday but I’ll say it here again, Rosa just had the best women’s match in AEW history, and one of the best matches. She’s so much better than the rest of the women on the roster and this has been, very easily, the highlight of the night so far. AEW needs Rosa, badly.

Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford announce that they’re going to get married and it will be live on Dynamite. Before that however, there needs to be a bachelor party, and this Wednesday he will reveal who the best man is. He then pitches his Twitch gaming channel.

Dark Order Vs. Natural Nightmares, Matt Cardona, & Scorpio Sky

The match starts with a brawl between everyone in the match, so naturally the referee calls for the bell to start things. Brodi and Dustin fight out of the ring and I think they’re supposed to be legal, and they fight against the barricade. Brodi brings Rhodes inside and tags Evil Uno, who gets dropped with an uppercut.

Marshall tags in and hits a double-team on Uno, followed by a tag to Scorpio. Sky drops Uno and covers for two, then tags Cardona who does the same. Marshall tags in for an axe handle, then Uno rolls out and Marshall chases after. They sucker Marshall into the corner and stomp him down with Grayson tagging in.

Colt Cabana tags in and chops and punches Marshall, and the heels continue to work him over. Uno bites the fingers of QT and a tag is made to Colt, but Marshall gets a tag to Cardona. Matt comes in hot against Colt with a corner splash, a middle-rope dropkick, punches in the corner, then a flapjack to Grayson and a Reboot to Colt for a two-count.

Colt slaps Cardona but gets slammed, then hits the ropes and Matt is suckered through the floor by Grayson and Uno. Lee brings Cardona back inside and Colt takes a sleeper. Cardona hits a jawbreaker but Colt drops him and tags Stu Grayson, who hits a senton over the ropes onto Cardona on the apron.

Lee tags in and stands on the neck of Matt, and asks him where Cody is. The heels continue to work over Cardona until he hits Uno with a neckbreaker. Tags are made to Grayson and Dustin, and Rhodes runs over him like a cannonball. Manhattan drop and a bulldog from Dustin, then a snap powerslam to Uno. Colt runs in and he eats a Canadian Destroyer.

Lee superkicks Rhodes and he falls into his corner where Scorpip tags in. The referee for some reason gets in the face of Lee, and somehow misses both Brandi and Anna Jay come in and brawl. Scorpio knocks Lee out of the ring with a headscissors, then he hits the TKO to Grayson for two. Cardona tags in and hits Radio Silence to Grayson, then one to Uno, and everyone rolls out so he dives onto them.

Marshall blind tagged in and Brodi powerbombs Cardona. Colt tags in as QT dropkicks Brodi out of the ring, then he knocks Colt out and dives onto everyone. QT looks for the Diamond Cutter but Dark Order hit a double-team powerbomb, sidewalk slam, and a splash for a near-fall. Lee tags in and so does Dustin, and they tee-off. Dustin counters a powerbomb but gets wiped out with a discus clothesline. Cabana gets the tag and he attempts a moonsault but misses and Dustin rolls him up for the win!

Winners: Natural Nightmares, Scorpio Sky, and Matt Cardona

After the match Dustin celebrates on the shoulders of his teammates, as Lee smashes a chair over the guard rail, then gets in the ring and slaps Colt, yelling at him for losing.

Tony Schiavone interviews Dustin backstage and he is fired-up. He says they’ve left Dark Order in the dust, and they did it for Cody. Tony Khan has told Schiavone that Dustin will get a TNT Championship shot on this week’s Dynamite. He says this week he is coming for blood and Brodi’s title is coming with him.

AEW World Tag Team Championships

(C) Hangman Page & Kenny Omega Vs. FTR W/Tully Blanchard

We start the match with Omega and Cash Wheeler, but Page asks to tag in and Kenny acquiesces. Hangman and Cash lock-up, and Page forces him to the corner but Cash turns the tables and breaks away. Cash offers a handshake but Hangman attacks him. Dax runs in but Page beats him off, then almost hits Kenny. The Champions counter FTR to hit stereo big boots, then Omega tags in.

Page and Omega chop Cash over and over, then Page looks for a high ten and Kenny is reluctant. The Champions make quick tags and beat Cash into their corner before hitting a combo ending with the Kitaro Crusher and a shooting star press for a two-count. Cash drops Hangman and tags Dax who misses an elbow drop.

Cash tags himself back in as Hangman hits an atomic drop. Wheeler throws Hangman under the buckles and dropkicks him against the ring post. FTR team to grab either end of Hangman and stretch him around the post but Kenny runs them off. FTR slow things down and isolate Hangman near their corner.

FTR do some great heel teamwork and trick the referee to keep Hangman down and beaten. Dax tosses Hangman to the floor but Adam counters being thrown back in with a lariat. Omega gets a tag and knocks Dax out of the ring, then slams Cash for a two-count. Omega hits a fireman’s slam and a moonsault for a two-count. Hangman looks for the snap dragon suplex but Cash backs him into the buckles.

Dax runs in and Kenny hits a hurricanrana and lands on his own head. Kenny dropkicks Cash and has the ring to himself. So he pumps up like an anime character and hits a tope to FTR on the floor then poses by the apron. Omega gets Cash back inside and hits a missile dropkick for a two-count. Dax tags in and powerbombs Omega, then rolls him into a German suplex from Cash for a near-fall.

FTR look to double-team Omega but he counters and drops them with an enziguiri and a knee. Hangman gets a tag and he clotheslines both in the corner, then they team to German suplex Dax. Cash eats a powerbomb and a V-Trigger for a near-fall. Wheeler gets Kenny on the top rope and looks for a superplex but Omega dumps him off. Cash distracts the referee, allowing Dax to crotch Kenny on the top rope – because only FTR matches have rules.

Dax tags in and he looks for the superplex but Hangman holds onto Kenny’s leg. Cash pulls Hangman off, tags himself in, and Dax hits a superplex, followed by a splash to Omega for a near-fall. FTR look for the Goodnight Express but Hangman shoves Cash out of the way. Dax hits Omega with a brainbuster and Cash hits Hangman with a swinging DDT. Omega hits Cash with a poisonrana and tiger driver ’98 for a near-fall.

Kenny hits a V-Trigger to Wheeler, then looks for One-Winged Angel but Cash gets off and shoves him into the ropes. Dax tags in but dragon screw leg-whips Kenny over the middle ripe, then Cash does it as well. Dax applies an inverted Figure Four and uses the ropes for leverage. Kenny reaches the ropes to force the break but Dax goes to a leglock. Again the match slows down with FTR isolating Omega and working on his left leg. Kenny rolls out to regroup with Hangman but as soon as he gets put back inside he gets his leg wrapped around the ring post.

Omega hits snap dragon suplexes to both Dax and Cash, and looks to make a tag. Dax grabs him and he shoves Dax into Hangman, knocking him off the apron. Dax looks for a splash in the corner but nobody’s home and he hits the ring post. Hangman gets the tag and he comes in hot, wiping out both Cash and Dax. A fallaway slam to Cash, dive over the ropes onto Dax, then a tope to both on the floor.

Back inside, Cash looks for the swinging DDT but Hangman avoids it. Dax blind-tags in and drops Hangman with a right hand as he’s holding Cash. FTR hit double diving headbutts but Omega breaks the pin attempt. Dax and Kenny brawl on the apron until Dax gets Kenny on his shoulders and Dax hits a bulldog from the apron to the floor.

Wheeler attempts a splash to Hangman but misses. Wheeler lifts Page on his shoulders and tags Dax for another Steiner-brothers bulldog headlock for a near-fall. Omega drops Cash on the top rope, and Hangman dumps Dax over the ropes hard onto the apron. Hangman hits a fallaway buster from the top rope for a near-fall.

The Champions look for The Last Call but Wheeler avoids it and Kenny drops Page with a V-Trigger. Wheeler immediately capitalises with a chopblock to Kenny. Tag to Dax and they hit the Mindbreaker piledriver but Hangman kicks out. FTR look to hit the Mindbreaker again and get it and that’s it!

Winners and New AEW Tag Team Champions: FTR

Omega chases off FTR with an old wooden desk after the match and he’s obviously going to hit Hangman. He stares at the desk, then tosses it away and Hangman stumbles toward him but he steps aside and let’s Page collapse. Omega goes backstage and The Bucks are there, he tells them he’s done and they follow him out. Omega gets into an SUV and tells them they have to come or he’s done but they let him leave alone.

Mimosa Mayhem Match

Chris Jericho Vs. Orange Cassidy

We have two vats of mimosa on either side of the ring, as well as champagne buckets. The bell rings and neither man moves until Cassidy runs at Jericho and gets caught with a Codebreaker. Jericho punches OC on the mat, then chops him in the corner. Jericho whips him into the buckles and looks for the Liontamer but Cassidy fights it, so Jericho transitions to a catapult and tries to dump him in the mimosa.

Cassidy lands on the apron but stupidly dangles his foot over the liquid, not that it matters because you have to be submerged. Jericho takes the little table by the vat and hits Cassidy with it, then smashes a tray over his head. Jericho tries to toss him into the vat but Cassidy shoves him off the platform and then jumps onto him.

Jericho is whipped into the barricade, but comes back by hitting Cassidy with some metal thing. They get onto the other platform and trade shots above the mimosa but then stumble over to the little table with champagne. Cassidy punches Jericho and looks for a hurricanrana but gets caught and powerbombed on the platform. Jericho lifts him up again and powerbombs him through the second table – could have thrown him into the mimosa.

Y2J drags OC over to the mimosa and dips his face in it but Cassidy fights back and drops him with a superkick. OC brains Jericho with the champagne bucket and the action spills back into the ring. Jericho throws Cassidy over the ropes and hits an enziguiri, leaving OC teetering over the mimosa. Cassidy counters a charging Jericho with a sunset flip and hits a Michonoku Driver for a near-fall.

Both men get up and trade shots but Cassidy hits slumdog millionaire. Cassidy looks for a tilt-a-whirl DDT but Jericho counters with the Liontamer! Cassidy drags himself to the bottom rope but there are no rope breaks. Cassidy reaches through the ropes and fills a jug with mimosa, which the then throws in Jericho’s face.

Cassidy hits an inside cradle for two, followed by an Orange Punch. Cassidy throws Jericho over the ropes and he lands on the apron with one leg in the liquid. Cassidy gets on the top rope and tries punching but gets shoved off. They climb to the top rope and Cassidy hits a hurricanrana and the a running soccer kick for two.

Orange goes to the top rope and jumps off…right into a Codebreaker but he kicks out! Jericho punches him on the mat and looks to toss him over the ropes but OC grabs the ropes. Jericho grabs Cassidy on the top rope but OC fights him off, then hits the Orange Punch, then a second one and Y2J flies into the vat!

Winner: Orange Cassidy

On Saturday November 7th we will get the next pay-per-view, AEW Full Gear.

AEW World Championship

(C) Jon Moxley Vs. MJF W/Wardlow

This main event gets underway and MJF takes the back of Moxley, who turns around, but MJF sweeps the leg. MJF backs away and smiles at Moxley. Jon tries to tackle him but gets taken down by the head. Moxey fights up and hits a scoop slam but misses an elbow drop and MJF goes back to the headlock.

Moxley drops MJF with a right hand and MJF rolls outside to regroup. Moxley quickly goes after him but MJF rolls inside and laughs at him. Jon tosses MJF back out and jumps over the ropes but MJF slides back in under him and Moxley slaps the apron in frustration. Moxley gets back inside and grabs him for a Paradigm Shift but let’s go. MJF rushes him to the ropes but gets thrown out. Moxley feigns a dive to the outside and MJF slides back in where Moxley stomps his head.

MJF rolls out and Moxley hits a suicide dive that drives him into the barricade. Moxley lifts and drops MJF on the guard rail, then whips him into it and knocks it over. Moxley stares at Wardlow, then goes and twists MJF’s fingers. No count-outs here as usual, but Moxley gets him back in the ring anyway.

MJF grabs him for a CrossRhodes but Moxley counters with a sleeper hold. MJF shoves himself off the buckles to attempt a pin to no avail. Moxley lifts MJF and drops him gut-first on the top rope. Moxley grabs MJF on the apron but Wardlow causes a distraction, allowing MJF to slam Moxley down on the apron by his shoulder.

MJF gets Moxley back inside the ring and targets the shoulder while slowing the pace. MJF beats Moxley in the corner and runs him into the buckles with a nasty arm-wrench. Moxley rolls out and MJF goes after him. Jon rams him into the apron, then catapults him into the ring post. Moxley pretends his shoulder is out of place and slams it into the buckles.

MJF gets back in the ring and he’s busted open from the ring post shot. MJF begs for mercy but Moxley attacks him. Moxley hits a knee and thinks about the Paradigm Shift again but instead hits a release suplex with one arm. MJF rolls outside and Moxley goes out after him, and hits a spinning sidewalk slam on the floor!

Moxley gets MJF back inside and connects with a Gotch piledriver for a near-fall – JR points-out that Moxley can’t pin properly with one arm. Jon bites the forehead of MJF, which is revenge for this past Wednesday. MJF hits a double stomp off the top rope to Moxley’s arm and the two of them wind-up trading shots in the middle of the ring. MJF chops the throat, kicks the knee, but runs into a forearm and a German suplex. Big clothesline earns Moxley a two-count.

Moxley gets to his feet while MJF is on his knees and Jon tells him to get up. MJF spits in his face so Moxley grabs him for the Paradigm Shift but stops himself. MJF takes him down with the Salt of the Earth armbar but Moxley struggles to the bottom rope. Moxley rolls to the apron and MJF hits the Heatseeker for a near-fall.

MJF tries to hit the Heatseeker again but Moxley climbs inside the ring and hits an air raid crash for a near-fall. Both men sit on their knees and trade forearms, headbutts, and slaps until Moxley goes feral and knees him repeatedly. Moxley runs but MJF pulls the referee in the way, pokes Moxley in the eyes, and rolls him up for two.

The Champion takes a sleeper hold and MJF is bleeding lots. MJF grabs the referee and low-blows Moxley, then rolls him up for a near-fall. MJF motions for Wardlow to give him the Dynamite Diamond ring, so he gets on the apron and tosses it but MJF misses. The referee is distracted with Wardlow and Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift for the win!

Winner: Jon Moxley

Moxley celebrates his hard-fought title win. We see Lance Archer and Jake Roberts in the crowd, the next challenger. Moxley gives Archer the finger and shouts to the camera that he’s untouchable.

And that’s it for AEW All Out 2020. A show of two-halves in my opinion. Let us know what you thought and I will see you next time. Until then, stay safe!

Curtis Dillion

Curtis does our weekly live match-by-match coverage of WWE RAW and SmackDown for Ringside News. In addition to SmackDown, Curtis also does WWE & NXT special event coverage as well. He has been helping out at for Ringside News for many years.

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