AEW brought Jim Ross into the company and at the time Cody Rhodes only had one reason why: “because he’s Jim f*cking Ross.” AEW loves Ross on the announce desk, and that is where he will stay.

The WWE Hall Of Fame announcer is in AEW and has enjoyed his time with the company so far, but he’s not about to get involved with any angles.

During Grilling JR, Ross stated that he’s not getting involved in any AEW angles. He even bladed for WWE during an angle or two. His tenure with WWE saw Ross take bumps and he had a cinder block busted over his head as well. Things are much different in AEW.

“It ain’t going to happen in AEW.  That ship has sailed.  No fuc*ing way that J.R. is going to get involved physically in another wrestling angle.  We have talents that need to get over.  I do not need to get over.  I’m not getting in the ring under any circumstances.  Some may say, oh, J.R. is being a d*ck.  No, I’m 68 years old.  Let’s be realistic here.  I’m not going in there and having a health issue or something like that.  The stress for me to get in the ring was the most intense stress I had ever encountered in my life in pro wrestling because again, I wasn’t good at it.  I didn’t think I could run the plays that the guys I wanted to run.  Everybody I got in the ring with had to dumb down their game to accommodate me.  I didn’t think that was right.  I was happy to pass on the TV time.  Tony Khan is too smart and our focus is to get talents over in AEW, not announcers.  I appreciate that philosophy from the boss.”

Jim Ross is far too valuable to AEW as an announcer. He has no plans to take off his headphones and leave his comfortable seat. On top of that, Jim Ross doesn’t work for a man who thinks that it is needed to put announcers in angles.

Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

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