Vince McMahon Feels ‘The Worst Is Over’ & Viewership Will Return With Amway Center Move


WWE is moving to the ThunderDome inside the Amway Center and that could come with a lot of changes. It might also bring back viewership and Vince McMahon is expecting that to happen.

According to Wrestling News, Vince McMahon “fees like the worst is over” in regards to the dwindling audience due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He has also apparently been in a much better mood since the Amway Center announcement.

McMahon is confident that once fans “see how cool the shows look,” they will come back.

The last creative meeting apparently featured a different McMahon as he was “more upbeat.” He was certainly in a better mood than those conference calls where he ends up hacking everything about a script to bits.

Vince McMahon reportedly thinks that WWE can bring their viewership back to where it was before the pandemic started. This is his mindset, and he’s driven to make it happen.

We’ll have to see what happens this time around. When Vince McMahon gets driven he’s capable of big things.

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