WWE Cut Several Minutes Out Of Randy Orton’s Promo On RAW Last Week

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WWE RAW ended last week’s broadcast with a big moment that wrote Ric Flair off television. Randy Orton punted The Nature Boy in the head as the lights flickered thanks to Retribution’s chaos.

Orton cut a promo on Flair prior to that physical assault and Fightful reports that it ran long. WWE had to make some big cuts taking several lines out of the finishing product.

It was reported that “Orton’s promo was much more than what was actually broadcast, with multiple people in attendance saying there were “minutes” of material that didn’t end up getting used.”

It was also noted that all of the edits were simply due to time and not the content of what he said. We still have to wonder what WWE cut out of his promo,

A lot of people are waiting anxiously for WWE’s return to live television. They won’t be able to cut minutes of a program in editing while broadcasting live from the Amway Center.

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