After initially questioning why WWE decided to take away the dancers from the RAW Underground setting, Liv Morgan decided to clarify why she believes they’re valuable to the product.

Some fans were happy to see them go after questioning the logic behind their role, whereas others felt as if it was odd to see WWE switch things up so quickly.

Either way, Morgan makes a convincing case for keeping them around.

We have come so so far in the evolution.. And with no signs of slowing down I don’t think it is in any danger. Showing beautiful women proudly dancing (believe it or not, huge money making profession doesn’t hurt anything. Empower all women


The message of empowering all women is a strong one, and it’s something that more members of the WWE Universe need to learn to understand.

The rise of women’s wrestling in the last five years or so has been nothing short of remarkable, and even though it may seem easy enough to set the roster back a few steps, they seem pretty determined to keep reaching new milestones.

Harry Kettle

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