Santana Teases Trent’s Mom’s Van In Upcoming AEW Action Figure Line

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Trent’s mom Sue didn’t get her minivan back in quite the condition it was in when she lent it to her son. Proud n Powerful used that vehicle as fodder in their feud with The Best Friends.

Santana and Ortiz destroyed Trent’s Mom’s van. That was quite a dastardly thing to do, but now Santana is kicking it up a notch.

“All profits are snatched and pocketed by yours truly, #BitchBoys not included,” Santana tweeted out along with a graphic showing a mock box for an upcoming AEW action figure accessory of Trent’s Mom’s van.

Features for this van include: removable wheels & beak-away windshield, spray/wash & re-spray your custom graffiti, fits up to five AEW figures (6 including Marko), drive Trent & Chuck to the ring, includes sledgehammers & spray paint. Some assembly is required.

If AEW and JazWares don’t make Trent’s mom’s van a reality in their upcoming toy line then they’re missing out.


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