WWE was set to focus on building new Superstars under Paul Heyman’s leadership. Since his firing as executive director of RAW, it seems that the company has stopped a lot of that momentum.

Seth Rollins recently spoke to Talk Sport where the idea of building new stars came up. The Monday Night Messiah claims that is still WWE’s plan. They are still missing some top Superstars due to the pandemic. This creates a need to build new stars as well.

Rollins said Paul Heyman isn’t around anymore. That doesn’t mean WWE has lost their mission to create new top stars to help carry the company into the future.

“Well, first of all, I think the emphasis is still on building stars for the future. Particularly during this time when there’s a lot of performers who are either opting out for their own safety or they are people that are getting sick here and there, so we’re missing a lot of our top-tier talent due to various circumstances. But the emphasis is still certainly on building future stars and I don’t want Paul Heyman’s departure to be a reason why anybody thinks that that’s not the case, because it definitely is the case.”


The coronavirus pandemic also created a need for WWE to create new fans as so many stopped watching as well. This could be an exciting time for company growth if they are able to put the right pieces together.

According to Seth Rollins, the company is still working hard to give fans those new Superstars and fresh rivalries we’ve been promised.

Felix Upton

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