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This week, WWE has been kind enough to lay out practically the entire card for tonight, as 6 matches have been announced for tonight’s episode of NXT. Let’s run down tonight’s card.

Kicking off the show, Tegan Nox and the NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai will team up to take on the team of Dakota Kai and Candice LeRae. Following Kai’s surprise attack on Io last week, there is no doubt that Kai and Io are dying to get their hands on one another, and Nox and LeRae’s recent history is sure to make sparks fly in this tag team match.

In fellow women’s competition, Shotzi Blackheart looks to get revenge on Mercedes Martinez for blindsiding her last week following her match against Aliyah. Martinez made her surprise return just weeks ago and she seems to have allied herself, at least for now, with the Robert Stone Brand. Will Stone help her rise to the top of the women’s division in NXT?


Switching gears now, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott looks to back up his comments last week as the only man in NXT who can defeat Interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar as he will go one on one with Jake Atlas. Atlas and Scott were in different groups during the cruiserweight tournament, and if Scott can pull off a victory, he may solidify himself as Escobar’s next challenger.

Speaking of champions, the NXT Tag Team Champions Imperium are scheduled for action tonight. Their opponents for tonight have not been announced, but it has been weeks since Imperium have competed on NXT television, and it will be interesting to see which team rises to the challenge to take on Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner.

Following the triple threat match from last week where Bronson Reed picked up a huge victory, his other two opponents from that night will do battle tonight as Johnny Gargano and Roderick Strong will face off tonight. While these two have done battle before, it was when Johnny Gargano was a face, so a heel vs. heel dynamic tonight is sure to be interesting.

For the final match, in what is likely tonight’s main event, Finn Balor, Dexter Lumis, and Timothy Thatcher will compete in a triple threat match where the winner will enter a ladder match for the NXT North American Championship at the next NXT TakeOver event. As stated earlier, Bronson Reed has already qualified, which of these three men will join him? A case could be made for all of them, and this is sure to be a hard-hitting affair.

Also, NXT Champion Keith Lee is set to address Karrion Kross after Kross’s brutal attack on Lee’s friend Dominik Dijakovic last week. Kross seems to have Lee in his crosshairs, and Lee will likely call out Kross tonight.

Tonight’s card is already stacked, and it sounds like it will be an amazing episode of NXT, and we will begin coverage when NXT goes live tonight at 8:00 PM EST!

Opening Segment

We see a recap of the match between Karrion Kross and Dominik Dijakovic from last week.

Io Shirai and Tegan Nox vs. Dakota Kai and Candice LeRae

As Shirai is on her way down to the ring, Kai blindsides her again with a cheap shot. Nox comes out for the save and LeRae comes down to even the odds. All four women brawl to the ring, and the match begins.

LeRae and Nox start things off in the ring. LeRae grounds Nox by her wrists and clobbers away at Nox’s head. LeRae covers Nox for two. LeRae tosses Nox into the corner and hits her with an uppercut, then pins Nox again for a two.

LeRae remains in control of Nox, but Nox fights to her feet. Kai and Shirai each tag in. Kai kicks Shirai in the head and yells “Fight me!” at her. Shirai returns the favor with knee strikes and a kick to the face. Shirai evades Kai’s attacks with her speed, taking Kai down with a snapmare.

Shirai tries to follow up, but Kai hits Shirai with a monkey flip, then pins her for two. Candice LeRae tags in, who also hits a snapmare and a kick to Shirai’s back. LeRae pins her for one, then tags Kai back in. Kai pins Shirai again for one.

Kai chokes Shirai on the ropes, then hits a suplex and floats into a pinfall attempt for two. Shirai whips Kai into the corner and hits a flapjack on Kai. Io hits a surfboard stretch on Kai, but LeRae breaks up the hold. Nox tosses LeRae out of the ring.

Nox gets back to the apron and Shirai tags her in. Candice pulls Shirai out of the ring and Kai tosses Nox out of the ring. Kai tags LeRae back in as the legal person, and LeRae follows Nox to the outside of the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Nox hits LeRae with a headbutt, sending both women to the mat. LeRae and Nox both get hot tags, and Shirai takes Kai down with shoulder tackles and a dropkick. Shirai runs at Kai in the corner, and Kai dodges. Shirai gets to the apron and LeRae tries to attack her, but Shirai dispatches her with a shote palm strike.

Shirai hits a springboard dropkick on Kai, covering her for two. Shirai goes for a Tiger Driver, but Kai blocks. Shirai hits a German suplex, then goes for her moonsault from the top rope, but Kai attacks her and stalls her. Kai goes for a superplex, but Shirai gets Kai in the Tree of Woe, then hits a double foot stomp on her, covering her for two.

Shirai goes for a scoop slam, but Kai evades and tags in Candice LeRae before LeRae was aware. Shirai takes advantage of LeRae’s unpreparedness and hits her with a Tiger Faint Kick. Shirai hits a dive onto Kai to the outside. The ref is watching Shirai and Kai on the outside, giving Nox enough time to run in and hit LeRae with the Shiniest Wizard. Shirai gets back in the ring, hits a moonsault on LeRae, then pins her for the victory.

Winners: Io Shirai and Tegan Nox

Kai leaves her partner prone in the ring and retreats up the ramp as Io Shirai and Tegax Nox celebrate in the ring.

We see the clip from The Pat McAfee Show where Adam Cole stormed out of the interview. Two days ago, Triple H went on The Pat McAfee show and said that the whole thing was a misunderstanding, and McAfee says that it seemed like “a miscommunication” and wants to talk things out with Adam Cole.

Back from commercial and we get a recap of Bronson Reed winning the triple threat last week. We also get a recap of the social media spat between Roderick Strong and Gargano that led to William Regal scheduling a match between the two.

Johnny Gargano vs. Roderick Strong

Strong and Gargano tie up early, but Strong gets the early advantage. Gargano reverses and gets a front chancery into a headlock. Strong reverses into attempted abdominal stretch, but Gargano blocks.

Strong gets to his feet and goes for a PK on Gargano. Gargano dodges and goes for a Gargano Escape. Strong rolls out of it and goes for a Stronghold. Gargano escapes and both men get to their feet, staring each other down. Strong gets Gargano down into a headlock, but Gargano escapes and locks in an undertook crossface, but Strong escapes.

Gargano transitions into a headlock and Strong gets to his feet. Gargano releases the hold and takes Strong down with a hurricanrana. Gargano goes for a slingshot spear onto Strong, but Strong catches him and goes for a draping DDT. Gargano escapes and Strong goes underneath him to the outside, pulling his feet out from under him and dragging him to the outside of the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Gargano has a hold on Strong, but Strong hits Gargano with a backbreaker. Strong tosses Gargano around the ring and then chops at him. Gargano escapes and goes for a chop of his own, but Strong blocks and plants Gargano face first.

Strong runs at Gargano in the corner and gets Gargano in a fireman’s carry. Strong deposits Gargano on the apron and Gargano goes for the One Final Beat, but Strong blocks and hits another backbreaker, then covers him for two.

Strong places Gargano on the top rope and Strong goes after him, but Gargano fights him and off and hits a twisting flatliner from the middle rope, then pins Strong for two. Gargano kicks away at Strong and Strong returns with kicks of his own. Strong goes for an Olympic Slam, but Gargano reverses into a Gargano Escape. Strong rolls Gargano into a cradle for a two count.

Strong goes for the Stronghold, but Gargano blocks. Gargano goes after a downed Strong, but Strong hits Gargano with a mule kick and both men get to their feet. Gargano hits Strong with a superkick and Strong goes to the outside. Gargano chases and hits Strong with a hurricanrana, sending Strong into the barricade on the outside.

Gargano tosses Strong repeatedly into the plexiglass. Gargano rolls Strong back in the ring and hits him with the One Final Beat DDT, then covers Strong for three.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

Dakota Kai is interviewed backstage about leaving Candice LeRae in the ring. Kai says that she is not interested in being a team player, she is ready to come after the NXT Women’s Championship and she is the number one contender.

Rhea Ripley walks up to the interview and takes issue with Kai’s statement, saying that she is the one who deserves a shot at Io Shirai next. Kai responds with, “Well, we’ll see how Regal feels about that.” Ripley replies by saying, “Yeah. Go talk to him then,” and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Timothy Thatcher is interviewed backstage about the main event. Thatcher talks about how he is going to dislocate Balor’s knee and runs down Dexter Lumis. Lumis is staring at him from far away, but Thatcher doesn’t realize it as he walks away.

Backstage, Undisputed Era start to fight among themselves until Kyle O’Reilly shows up, giving them a pep talk. O’Reilly says that they need to get back on track, and the rest of the Era seem to agree as they walk off.

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Mercedes Martinez (w/ Robert Stone and Aliyah)

Shotzi wastes no time and runs at Martinez, but Martinez tosses her over the top rope and out of the ring. Robert Stone distracts Shotzi, allowing Mercedes Martinez to take advantage. Martinez hits a wheelbarrow slam, planting Shotzi face first on the apron.

Shotzi rolls back in the ring and Martinez mounts her, striking away at her face. Martinez goes for a fisherman buster, but Shotzi rolls her into a pinfall attempt. Shotzi runs at Martinez in the corner, hitting a sunset bomb. Martinez goes for a clothesline, but Shotzi dodges and hits a slingblade.

Shotzi hits Martinez with a series of strikes and foreamrs, then lands her Switchblade Kick, followed up by her reverse senton. Shotzi covers Martinez for two. Shotzi runs at Martinez, but Martinez picks her up into a spinebuster, covering Shotzi for two.

Martinez kicks away at Shotzi and goes for a suplex. Shotzi blocks and goes for Sliced Bread #2, but Martinez plants Shotzi on the top rope, then hits her with a release German suplex from the top. Martinez picks up Shotzi and hits her with an Air Raid Crash, pinning her for thee.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

The NXT Champion Keith Lee will be up next, talking about Karrion Kross’s attack on Dominik Dijakovic from last week., right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial and we get a hype package for NXT UK’s Ridge Holland, debuting in NXT next week, saying he is coming after the NXT North American Championship.

Keith Lee comes down to the ring and grabs mic. He looks to be all business. The fun-loving, jovial Keith Lee is nowhere to be seen. Lee says that Dijakovic is a grown man and he will be fine. He turns his attention quickly to Kross. He says that Kross has made his intentions clear in coming for the NXT Championship but has “done so much extra bullsh*t.”

Lee says none of it if Kross can’t face him face to face. Lee calls out Kross, saying that he is doing something that Kross himself is too scared to do. Instead of Karrion Kross, Cameron Grimes answers the call.

Grimes comes out and starts complaining about how he deserved to win both titles from Lee. Grimes hollers at Grimes until Grimes can take no more of it. Lee takes out his frustration on Grimes, tossing him around the ring. However, before Grimes can take too much of a beating, the lights go out and Scarlett appears at the top of the ramp.

Grimes tries to use the distraction to hit a Cave In on Lee, but Lee catches him and hits a Spirit Bomb. Karrion Kross appears on the tron. Kross asks Lee what kind of man he is for leaving Dijakovic in the middle of the ring. Then he moves on and says that Lee has two options: Give Kross a shot at the NXT Championship or everyone else will suffer.

Lee responds to Kross’s challenge, telling him to pick the time and place and Lee “will whoop that *ss.” Then, we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, we get a promo for tonight’s main event.

Imperium vs. Ever-Rise

Matt Martel and Marcel Barthel start the match. Barthel takes Martel down with a snapmare, then tags in Aichner. Aichner toss Martel into the corner, but gets to Parker and makes the tag. Aichner catches Parker and slams him into Martel.

Barthel tags in and Imperium hit a dropkick combo onto Martel. Barthel tags back in and they hit the European Bomb on Chase Parker, covering him for three.

Winners: Imperium

After the match, Barthel gets on the mic and starts to talk, but Undisputed Era interrupt them. All four members of the Era comes out and take down Imperium. O’Reilly and Fish hit a High/Low on Fabian Aichner and they retreat up the ramp.

We get a video package for Bronson Reed. Then, we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial and Finn Balor is shown getting ready for his match backstage and Dexter Lumis is seen watching him.

William Regal video calls onto the show and reminds Lee and Kross and Regal is ultimately the one that makes matches, and opportunities must be earned.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Jake Atlas

Atlas and Scott lock up, but Scott quickly takes Atlas down with a hurricanrana. Atlas gets to his feet and goes for a single leg takedown, then takes Scott down with a dropkick.

Scott tosses Atlas into the corner, but Scott takes Atlas down with a snapmare. Scott rolls up Atlas in a crucifix pin for two. Scott retreats to the corner and Atlas kicks away at him. Scott hits a leaping kick to Atlas’s face in the corner and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Atlas hits a springboard blockbuster on Scott, covering him for two. Atlas gets Scott in a side headlock, but Scott escapes. Scott attempts a back suplex, but Atlas counters and hits Scott with a bicycle kick and an inverted DDT, covering Scott for two.

Atlas chops away at Scott, then lays into him with forearms and kicks. Scott rolls up Atlas, then hits a German suplex into a rolling flatliner, then covers him for two. Atlas fights out of the corner, and Scott and Atlas stand on middle ropes, brawling. Atlas hits a Samoan Drop on Scott from the top then goes for the Rainbow DDT, but Scott pulls him down.

Scott hangs Atlas up from the apron and hits a House Call on Atlas on outside of the ring. Scott tosses Atlas back in the ring and hits him with the JML Driver, covering him for three.

Winner: Isaiah”Swerve” Scott

Damian Priest is interviewed backstage about his triple threat match next week, and he says that he will walk out of TakeOver XXX as the NXT North American Champion. His match will consist of himself, Oney Lorcan, and Ridge Holland.

Up next, the main event, right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial, and we are told that Rhea Ripley will face Dakota Kai in a #1 contender’s match, plus the triple threat match between Damian Priest, Oney Lorcan, and Ridge Holland and an NXT Tag Team Championship match between Imperium and Undisputed Era will also take place.

Dexter Lumis vs. Finn Balor vs. Timothy Thatcher

Balor and Thatcher wrap up and brawl to the outside. Thatcher rolls Finn back into the ring and Lumis hits him with a strike. Lumis hits Thatcher with the same strike. Lumis goes to dive to the outside, but Thatcher and Balor move out of they way, and Lumis lands on his feet.

All three men are back in the ring and Lumis lays out Balor and Thatcher. Lumis pins Balor for two. Lumis tosses Thatcher out of the ring. Balor kicks away at Lumis’s legs and then tosses him face first into the top turnbuckle over and over. Balor chops at Lumis, and Thatcher runs in with an uppercut from out of nowhere.

Thatcher hits Lumis with a belly to belly suplex, then covers Lumis for two. Thatcher gets in a double wrist lock on Lumis, but Finn breaks it up. Thatcher tries to dump Balor out of the ring, but Lumis stops him and hits Thatcher with snake eyes. Balor grounds Lumis and goes to the top for a Coup de Grace, but Thatcher stalls him and knocks him to the apron as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Thatcher is in control of Balor with Lumis nowhere to be seen. Thatcher hits Balor with a series of uppercuts. Lumis gets to the apron, but Thatcher hits Lumis in the face, knocking him back to the ground outside. Thatcher goes for a crossface on Balor. Balor tries to power out of the submission, but Thatcher catches him sends him back to the mat.

Lumis again tries to get back to the apron, but Thatcher knocks him off the apron again. Thatcher runs at Balor in the corner, but Balor hits Thatcher with a kick. Thatcher lays into Balor, but Lumis comes back and takes Thathcer down with a bulldog. Balor hits Lumis with a Pele kick, and all three men are down.

Balor gets to his feet and hits Lumis with a slingblade. Balor poses in the corner and goes for his running dropkick, but Thatcher grabs his legs and crotches him on the ringpost, then slams Balor’s left left into the post. Thatcher applies more pressure to Balor’s knee, but Lumis forces a break by hitting Thatcher.

Back in the ring, Lumis hits Thatcher with a spinebuster. Lumis goes for Silence, but Thatcher instead catches Lumis with a dropkick. Balor tries to get back in the ring, but Thatcher hits a dragon screw on Balor. Lumis hits Silence on Thatcher, but Balor breaks up the pin by hitting a Coup de Grace on Lumis. Balor pins Lumis, but Thatcher pulls Balor off the pin.

Thatcher catches Balor and gets an ankle lock in. Lumis gets Silence in on Thatcher. Thatcher tries to keep the ankle lock in, but Thatcher passes out before Balor can tap out, giving Lumis the win.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

Lumis stares at the NXT North American Championship on the pedestal as NXT goes off the air.

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