Peyton Royce might present a character with confidence to spare, but she recently revealed that things weren’t so bright for her about a year ago.

Royce dropped a topless photo of herself on Instagram and explained the backstory behind it. She was going through a lot of personal struggles and her mental health was suffering through it all.

At the time she was 1/2 of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions and preparing to marry her now-husband Shawn Spears. Things were not what they appeared, but she was thankfully able to pull through that time and find much happier days ahead of her.

Vulnerable post ahead. Pls be kind


This photo was taken about a year ago. I was so excited because I was a few weeks away from getting married, I was half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Everything seemed to be incredible from the outside. But inside, I was dealing with the lowest low I’ve ever experienced. My mental health was suffering more than I had ever dealt with & I felt like I could not get myself together. I felt like I was letting so many people down including myself & I just couldn’t pick myself up.

I look at this photo & see someone faking confidence on her face because she knew the rest could be edited. The girl in this photo is a stranger to me now, thank goodness. She pops her head in every now & then to see if she can bring me back down but I do my best to politely ask her to 🤬 off!

Everyone is going through something. Be kind & know that everyone is dealing with whatever it is, the best they can. The more love, support & kindness we can show each other might help someone feel less alone. Even if they seem happy & confident like they’ve got it all together… They could be a fantastic fibber.

Billie Kay replied back with a huge show of support while calling Royce her life partner: “I love you so much & am lucky to have you in my life. In my lowest times, you have always pulled me into you light. My life partner.”

Peyton Royce will hopefully be able to influence others through her message of strength. It just goes to show that we never know what’s really going on with someone no matter how well they appear to have things under control.

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