Mark Henry Reveals Who He Would Put In A New Nation Of Domination

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Mark Henry’s time in the Nation Of Domination was a very important part of his early career. The idea of re-forming the team with different members is often a topic of dicussion.

There are many Superstars who Mark Henry could pick to be in the Nation Of Domination. When Steve Austin asked Henry this question during the Broken Skull Sessions, the World’s Strongest Man had some people in mind already.

Henry started out by saying that he “would have to pick the new Day.” All three members would help make up the base of his new Nation.

Next Henry stated he would want the Street Profits in the new hypothetical group. Finally, Mark Henry revealed that he would take Kevin Owens to cap it off.

It’s not clear if Mark Henry would still be a part of the faction, but The New Day, Street Profits, and Kevin Owens would certainly make an entertaining stable.

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