The pro wrestling world is very territorial when it comes to what moves someone does int the ring. Every wrestler wants at least a couple of moves that are unique to them. Shane Helms recently revealed one of his favorite original creations.

The Hurricane revealed that his favorite self-created move is The Nightmare on Helms Street. He briefly discussed this while sharing a video of the move.

Of all the moves I created, this is my personal fave. I originally named it The Nightmare on Helms Street, I still love that name. I changed it to the Eye of The Hurricane later to fit The Hurricane character. Also, Burchill was very talented and was my fave opponent in WWE/ECW.

One fan asked Helms about The Big Show using a similar move and how he felt about things. “How did you feel about Big Show using the Final Cut as his signature move at the time, which was very similar?”


Hurricane replied that there was no heat at all. In fact, The Big Show even switched up his own version of the move when Helms arrived in WWE. Helms gave Show plenty of props for that because he could have “pulled rank” and kept the move for himself.

No heat at all. The fact that he stopped doing it when I came in shows how cool and respectful Show is. He coulda totally pulled rank. But then he started doing it with his leg which I thought was pretty damn cool as well.

Helms was asked if he ever thought about using his leg like Big Show does. That would be a negative as he explained: “No, we were in the same company. It should be a complete no-no to copy from someone in the same company.”

We’ve heard of some wrestlers not handling this situation as well. John Cena famously made Superstar change his move because the setup was too similar to his own finisher. Obviously, this wasn’t the case with Big Show and Shane Helms.

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