In a lot of ways, AEW was birthed out of Being The Elite. The popular YouTube series has become a platform for many AEW Stars to build their storylines and even showcase their ability to be funny through the show’s sketches and running gags.

Hangman Adam Page, a member of The Elite and one half of the current AEW Tag Team Champions was recently a guest on AEW Unrestricted Podcast.

Page talked about the creative process backstage at AEW and compared it to the making of Being The Elite. He said that both process are “pretty much the same”.

He said that its a collaborative effort and everything that appears on TV is an amalgamation of a lot of people’s ideas. However, Page said that the one thing that’s different in the creative process at AEW is the involvement of a whole lot of people in comparison to BTE.


It’s genuinely pretty much the same. Somebody will throw out an idea. Somebody else will throw out an idea. I’ll throw out an idea. It’s a collaboration. What you end up seeing is not just one person’s idea, it’s a lot of people’s ideas that somehow get meshed and molded together. Some people, their thoughts might be represented more than others, in instances, but generally, it’s the same. The creative process, at least in my experience, for BTE and AEW is largely the same. The only difference being that with AEW, it’s not just a few people. It’s a whole lot more people, which I think makes it more challenging. It makes it more difficult, that’s just the nature of the game.

Page also went on to say that things work better sometimes if a wrestler is not being told what to do and left on his own.

Yeah, something’s working and genuinely, I’ve always felt this way. If you tell a wrestler what to do, you’ll get results. But if you leave a wrestler to his devices, they’re going to sink or they’re going to swim right, and a lot of times, I think you can swim a lot better when somebody just throws you out there, than if they try to teach you how to do it.

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