Kris Statlander Reveals How She Became An Alien

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Kris Statlander is AEW’s resident alien. She boops fans while making her way to the ring, and there’s a reason she sells this gimmick so much. It is a part of who she is and a reflection of her interests as well.

While speaking to AEW Unrestricted, Statlander explained how she adopted an alien gimmick. She loves all things science, and it came naturally since she never fit into any specific group of people.

Statlander decided to merge everything together and create an alien persona that appears in AEW today.

“I’m a science nerd. I took every science class I could in school. Biology, Genealogy, Marine Biology. I even went to summer school for fun. That’s how much I loved it. When I first started wrestling, I was just wrestling and the character was not very good. I’m a little weirder than a lot of people realize.”

“I never fit in with any specific group of people. When I was in high school, no one wanted to get a chance to know me. Then when they do, they realize you are interesting and have so much more to offer than what you lead people to believe. In a way, you feel alienated from everybody.”

Statlander has received a few big opportunities in AEW so far, but she has yet to pull down the AEW Women’s Title. Her time in the company is just getting started so there might be a day soon enough when the AEW Women’s World Champion is an alien.

Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

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