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Chris Jericho will be on commentary this week. That might be a big selling point but a few matches have been announced as well.

Cody Rhodes will defend the TNT Title against Private Party’s Marq Quen. Fenix was supposed to be in that match, but he still can’t work a match. This will be a big opportunity for Quen.

FTR will make their in-ring debuts for AEW this week. The Top Guys are taking on The Butcher & The Blade.


Colt Cabana is taking on Sammy Guevara in singles action. Santana, Ortiz, and Jake Hager are also wrestling The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy in six-man tag team action.

  • Chris Jericho Will Be On Commentary
  • FTR vs Butcher & The Blade
  • Colt Cabana vs Sammy Guevara
  • Jake Hager, Santana, and Ortiz vs The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy
  • Cody Rhodes vs Marq Quen – AEW TNT Title Match

Jericho wasn’t on commentary to start out. Then they introduced him. He brought out the baseball bat named Floyd. Jericho was pumped to be there.

FTR vs Butcher & The Blade

FTR used their black truck in their entrance. They were in all black gear, too.

They called FTR the hottest free agents in pro wrestling playing off the story that they have a handshake deal with Tony Khan.

They started out with Dax and Blade. Plenty of people were in the crowd watching like Jake Roberts, Tully, Shawn Spear, and Lance Archer all watching FTR intently.

Dax got a headlock and was backed into the ropes. Blade and Dax traded chops and then they hit some forearms before Dax hit two shoulder blocks and then Blade kicked out of two roll-ups. They got applause when standing up.

Jim Ross brought up how FTR are holding onto the tag team rope and Jericho loved how they are following the rules. He suggested that FTR stands for “Follow The Rules.”

Dax and Blade continued until Butcher took a tag. Then Cash came in, but the referee backed them up. “FTR” chants broke out as Cash tagged in.

Butcher charged Dax, but he jumped to the floor and grabbed Butcher’s leg so Cash could attack him. Then Cash hit a dropkick off the ropes on Butcher, but he didn’t drop Butcher. Cash sold his shoulder like it was hurt, but he lured him in and rolled him up for a two count.

Butcher tagged Blade. The referee was distracted and Butcher choked Cash. Then Blade kicked Cash a bit and tagged Butcher back in. Cash Wheeler continued to sell as Blade tagged back in.

The Butcher & Blade continued to wear Wheeler down as Jericho continued to put them over on commentary.

Cash hit a powerslam on Blade after Dax was taken off the apron. Then Harwood jumped up and took the hot tag. Dax took Butcher down with some strikes, dropkicked Butcher, and continued to work on Blade complete with a brainbuster.

Then Dax put Blade on the top rope, but he fought off. FTR grabbed Butcher and hit a double hanging DDT followed by Dax hitting a superplex on Blade followed by a flying elbow drop by Cash from the top rope. 1-2- Kick out.

They continued and Dax kicked out of a devastating move from Butcher. Then Cash took a tag and they hit a double spike piledriver for the win.

Winners: FTR

They cut an interview afterward and The Young Bucks came out. Nick congratulated them on a great match. Matt thanked them for helping them out a couple of weeks ago. They also didn’t introduce themselves.

Matt said the Young Bucks have been carrying tag team wrestling on their backs for the past decade and a half.

Butcher jumped The Bucks and FTR brawled with Butcher and Blade. Kip Sabian & Havoc jumped in and Kenny Omega ran out followed by Adam Page.

The segment ended after things calmed down.

The Natural Nightmares cut a promo backstage. They have a tag title match next week. Dustin was trying to get him to concentrate on something other than Allie.

Nyla Rose & Penelope Ford vs Kris Statlander & Hikaru Shida

The heels rushed the babyfaces before the bell. Then Hikaru Shida was kicked out of the ring while they beat Kris down in the corner.

Statlander kicked Ford and ran Nyla into her. Then Penelope left and Kris hit a single leg dropkick to the head for a two count. Rose was put in the buckle and Hikaru Shida tagged in and out with Kris as they traded moves on Rose. Kris went to the top and missed a dropkick. Rose started taking advantage as they went to commercial.

Rose continued her abuse through the break and then Statlander nailed a kick. Rose crawled to her corner. Then Ford and Shida were tagged in.

Shida took the fight to Ford as the crowd chanted “Holy Shida!” She hit a top rope missile arrow. Then a falcon arrow, but she changed direction.

They continued and tagged out. Ford hit a stunner on Kris and then Kris nailed a top rope superplex on Nyla Rose. Kris nailed an axe kick on Nyla Rose for a two count.

Then Shida took the tag again. She tried to hit a falcon arrow, but Rose reversed and she placed her over the top rope. She did the same to Kris and nailed a leg drop off the top on both of them.

Ford took the tag and she tried to hit a move as Nyla held Shida, but Kris grabbed her legs. Then Shida fought Rose off and hit a falcon arrow for a two count. Sabian tried to hold Shida, but Kris fought her off.

Then Penelope Ford nailed a bridging suplex pin after whacking Shida with the title for the win.

Winners: Nyla Rose & Penelope Ford

Darby Allin was in a video with Tony Hawk. Check out some of that footage here.

Then they played a promo for Dr Britt Baker.

Jake Hager, Ortiz, & Santana vs The Best Friends & Orange Cassidy

The Inner Circle jumped the babyfaces early on. Trent was left in the ring as Orange was throw up the stage by Jake. Then he left him laying.

Trent took abuse from Santana with chops and other strikes as they moved from corner to corner. Then Santana kicked him in the face. He went for a tag, but Trent nailed him with a kick to the head. Then Ortiz took the tag and he slapped Trent down.

Trent was able to tag Chuck. Then Trent nailed a dive on Hager before hitting Ortiz. This was followed by the Best Friends gearing up for a hug in the ring, but Hager jumped them.

Hager nailed a Vader Bomb, but Jericho called it a Hager Bomb. They continued to dominate the “stupid Best Friends” as Jericho put it as they went to commercial.

Orange took a tag when we came back and he stood up to Hager. Orange nailed some weak kicks before Hager tossed him. Then Orange sent Hager out. Santana and Ortiz tried to jump him, but he hit a double rana followed by a suicide dive on Hager then a top rope dive on Ortiz followed by a tornado DDT on Santana. He jumped off the top on Hager, but he was caught and slammed down.

Santana hit a cannonball onto Orange off Ortiz. They set Cassidy up for a double team move, but it was stopped. Then Orange rolled Ortiz up for the win.

Winners: The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy

Chris Jericho went to the ring with Floyd the bat. He hit Best Friends with the bat as the Inner Circle did a beat down. Then Jericho got bags of blood oranges and loaded them all up in a bag.

He hit Cassidy with the bag and busted him open. Then they hit him again. That was brutal. Jericho grabbed the mic and said “blood Orange Cassidy has just been juiced.”

MJF cut a promo at ringside. He wasn’t happy that Jungle Boy got an AEW TNT Title shot first. MJF said he’s a great white shark swimming in a sea full of minnows. Billy Gunn cut him off and said he’s looking at a great white. MJF took a shot at Billy getting his son a job. Then there was almost a fight as Wardlow got involved. It looks like this feud is coming maybe.

Sammy Guevara vs Colt Cabana

Sammy gave Colt the finger right off the bat. Then Colt took a headlock and then started things out. After Sammy flipped off the ropes, Colt fired him two middle fingers.

Colt chopped Sammy and then hit a rana and an armdrag. They went outside and then Guevara nailed a dive to the floor.

They continued when the show came back from commercial. Sammy went for a springboard move, but Colt grabbed him and shoved him down. This was followed by a moonsault for the two count.

Colt tried to get the Chicago Skyline on Guevara, but he got out out of it, and Sammy Guevara nailed his finisher for the win.

Winner: Sammy Guevara

The Dark Order’s Evil Uno and Grayson came out and approached Colt Cabana. Then the rest of the Inner Circle came out and Brodie Lee extended his hand and helped him get to his feet before they all walked off leaving Cabana looking a bit confused.

Sammy told Colt to leave and reminded everyone that he’s the greatest. This was followed by Matt Hardy coming out.

Hardy said he doesn’t have any issues with him. He respects him. Hardy said he sees a younger Matt Hardy in him. No matter how hard he gets hit, he always gets back up. Then Matt suggested that Sammy has to get away from Jericho.

Guevara brought up how he tried to kill him with a golf cart. Then Matt Hardy hardy changed persona to Broken. Matt Hardy might respect Guevara, but Broken Matt wants to Delete him.

They showed a Joey Janela promo.

Dasha interviewed Colt Cabana backstage. He didn’t want to talk. Then he walked into the Dark Order’s locker room.

Jon Moxley arrived in the building. He’s in a bad mood. His neck and back hurts and it hurts to sit on the toilet. He’s made at people running their mouth like Taz saying that Brian Cage will face him at Fyter Fest. Then Moxley said he’s “one miserable son of a bitch.” The fact that they think that Brian Cage can eat him pissed him off. It just makes him more violent.

Tax distracted Moxley and got in his face. Then Brian Cage jumped Moxley and ended up putting him through the back windshield of a car.

Cody Rhodes vs Marq Quen – TNT Title Match

These two started out quickly as they tied to outdo each other, but neither gave an inch.

Quen ended up in a dragon sleeper as they went to commercial.

Quen was limping as Cody continued to lay on the punishment. Then Cody got Quen back up and hit a knee breaker followed by placing him on the top rope. Cody then hit a devastating superplex that Quen sold tremendously.

Quen hit a DDT for a two count as Jim Ross said that Tony Schiavone should cut his hair like Quen. This was followed by Quen hitting another DDT for a two count.

Cody went outside and Quen nailed a dive. Then he returned to hit another dive while selling his leg. Quen got back in the ring. Cody tired to blindside him but Quen threw him outside and hit another dive.

After a two count, Quen climbed back up top again. Cody rolled out of the ring. So, Quen hit a 450 splash on the outside onto Cody.

He tossed Cody in and Quen took off his jacket finally. Then Quen climbed up, but Cody caught Quen in an ankle lock. Finally, Quen tapped out.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Jake Hager came out and hit Arn Anderson and tossed Cody. Reinforcements hit the ring and chased Hager off. Then Cody challenged Hager to a match at Fyter Fest.

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