FTR are set to make their AEW in-ring debut this week on Dynamite. The Butcher & The Blade should be prepared because the former Revival have a lot to prove.

While speaking to the Jim Cornette Experience, Dax Harwood explained what it was like meeting with Vince McMahon for the last time. He told McMahon that they know that they are not his “cup of tea.” This was something that McMahon laughed off, but it was true. It was also told to McMahon that the Top Guys might not be everyone’s favorite, but they are the best team working today.

“Vince has the things he likes and he has the things he doesn’t like, and that’s OK,” Harwood stated. “We told him this in our last meeting, ‘we know we’re not his cup of tea.’ He laughed at it and tried to shrug it off, but we told him, ‘we know we’re not your cup of tea Vince, and that’s OK. We’re not gonna be everybody’s cup of tea. We’re not gonna please everybody, and we’re not here to please everybody, but what we do know is that there’s nobody better than us. We’re gonna work harder than anybody in the company.’ It just didn’t pan out that way.”

Odds are Tony Khan wouldn’t shrug off anything that Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler have to say to him. Vince McMahon also wanted to dress The Revival up as clowns complete with red lipstick. Obviously, the two sides had much different ideas about what they wanted out of the relationship.

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