Possible Spoiler For Finish Of Top WWE Backlash Match


WWE Backlash is this Sunday, but the company taped Randy Orton vs Edge yesterday.

Edge spoke out against the idea of having the “greatest match ever.” It’s impossible because that is a subjective statement.

During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted what Dave Meltzer previously reported about the amount of selling that Edge and Orton did during their match. Alvarez went on to explain how he sees the finish going down.

“I still don’t know the finish, but they’re going to do a great wrestling match and I believe that Randy is gonna do something diabolical and he is going to cheat to win.”

Orton wanted the straight-up wrestling match, but he very well could be the one who tries something underhanded to screw Edge in the end.

Whatever Edge and Randy Orton do during this match will reportedly be taken very seriously. It might be hard to have the greatest wrestling match ever, but RKO and the Rated R Superstar are going to try.

If you use the quotes in this article credit Ringside News

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