Brian Cage Called Out For Jacking Lacey Evans' Signature Move


Pro wrestling is a complex form of sports entertainment, but there are only so many moves available. Sometimes a star will do a move that’s already in use. That doesn’t mean that it’s theft, but a debate can still start regarding ownership.

Brian Cage recently uploaded a clip showing himself doing a moonsault with a similar setup to the way Lacey Evans does her version. One fan replied to The Machine asking: “Why you jacking Lacey Evans moves, though?”

Brian Cage replied to this fan saying: “Was doing it before she new wwf was wwe now.” Lacey Evans responded by correcting Cage’s spelling error. She also took a little dig at how well she knows him.


And I don’t *know who you are…. ya nasty. I’m 4 year in the game and doing *it better than *you.

Don’t make me lose my manners sweetheart.

It looks like the debate will continue about who really owns that move. We just have to wonder where Brian Cage would say he got that F5 from that he does on a regular basis.

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