WWE Decided To Re-Shoot A Couple Segments During Television Tapings

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WWE has the luxury of pre-taping their television which means that Vince McMahon can call for re-shoots. He did just that.

Fightful reports that there were a couple of re-shoots from the last set of television tapings. It was reported that Otis vs King Corbin had to be re-shot. This resulted in Otis taking four spinebusters, but that wasn’t even the spot that was messed up.

MVP’s promo also needed to be redone because he messed up the verbiage of how he referred to their live crowd.

There was also a re-shoot during an MVP promo, because he referred to the audience as “NXT Superstars.” Someone came over the loud speaker to cut off the promo to say to only refer to the audience as “Performance Center recruits.”

WWE also had to edit around Nia Jax’s botch where she busted open Kairi Sane on the ring steps. They cleaned Kairi Sane up before allowing her to take a quick legdrop and the pinfall.

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