WWE Tricks Mainstream Mexican Press Into Thinking Rey Mysterio Retirement Is Real

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Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins are engaged in a feud on RAW, but it might be Mysterio’s last if you listen to him on television. That’s not really the case, but some are buying the retirement angle in a big way.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that “literally nobody in the U.S. took it the slightest bit seriously,” but Mexican news outlets are running Rey Mysterio’s retirement angle like it’s happening for real.

In Mexico, where Mysterio is a famous figure, some of the sports newspapers treated the angle of his retiring as a shoot with career retrospectives and legitimate coverage ever since WWE made the announcement.

It’s uncertain if fans will see Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollins at Backlash. Click here for the full likely Backlash card. WWE might want to stretch this storyline out a little bit longer, especially if it’s garnering legitimate press in Mexico.

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