FTR Rips On AEW Tag Teams For Not Following Rules

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FTR are looking to be Top Guys in AEW, even if they can’t use the “Top Guys” name anymore. They’re serious about tag team wrestling and that includes following the rules.

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The catch to making a tag legal is whether your partner is holding onto the tag rope. It doesn’t seem like this is enforced in AEW. Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler would like to change that.

In fact, when Pentagon Jr tweeted out that he misses AEW, Dax Harwood told him “donโ€™t come back until you learn the rules of a tag team wrestling match. Weโ€™re running this now.”

Last night, Dax Harwood followed this up by simply tweeting out “tag ropes” followed by “…just hanging there. Blowing in the wind.” Obviously, he wants tag teams to use the tag ropes that are there for a reason.

If want more proof that FTR is all about the tag ropes, they registered “” as a direct link to their PW Tees store.

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