Val Venis Says ‘Every Cop Is A Criminal The Second They Clock In’


Val Venis saw a tweet saying: “99.9% of all Police officers are good men and women… A few bad ones exist in every profession in every society.” He disagreed in a big way.

The Big Valbowski tweeted out saying that “every cop” is a criminal when they’re on the clock. He said “don’t be a fool” because he’s not just talking out his ass. He has facts in a court of law to back his claim up.

Dont be a FOOL. Every cop is a CRIMINAL the second they clock in for their very first shift. Not talking out my ass. I can present FACTS in a court of law that would PROVE every single one of them is crooked.

Val Venis didn’t present any proof to back up his claims as of this writing. There is certainly an issue in America and people are frustrated, angry, worried, scared, and every other kind of bad emotion. We can only hope for days of harmony to come.

Venis has already made his mind up about the subject. How do you feel about things? Sound off in the comments below!

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