Ryback Says Someone Is Going To Knock Jim Cornette On ‘His F*cking Ass’


Jim Cornette is very good at speaking his mind and drumming up a conversation. Unfortunately for Cornette, most of the conversations he sparks are about him in a negative way. Ryback sees this go down every week and he has a lot to say.

During Conversations With The Big Guy, Ryback opened up about Jim Cornette’s tendency to say controversial things.

“People listen to what Jim’s gonna insult this week. And he’s done it with me on things that weren’t even true, ‘he’s just big steroid idiot.’ Eventually Jim’s gonna meet the people that he’s said [things about] like it’s gonna happen. The wrong person is gonna go up and knock him flat on his f*cking ass.”

Ryback said that he wishes Jim Cornette “nothing but love and happiness.” He hopes that Cornette can find some peace as well “because he comes off like the most miserable human being on the existence of the planet.”

Jim Cornette calls his followers “The Cult Of Cornette.” They have stood by him through an awful lot of controversy. It doesn’t seem like the rants from Cornette are going to stop any time soon either.

Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

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