The South Korean soccer team thought that lifelike dolls would make suitable replacements for fans. The problem is that most people who have lifelike dolls have sex with them. That created a problem for them which is now costing them.

The South Korean soccer club was fined 100 million won which breaks down to $81,410. This fine was sent down by the Korea Professional Football League on Wednesday. They were trying to fill the seats, but they just picked the wrong thing to replace their fans with.

It didn’t even matter to the K League that the South Korean Soccer Club had the foresight to separate the sex dolls with social distancing.

In a statement, the K League said: “The disciplinary committee decided to take heavy disciplinary action considering the graveness of the incident … that has greatly insulted and hurt female and family fans and to prevent similar incidents going forward.”


The novel coronavirus has made it difficult to do a lot of things. Now fans can’t even be sex dolls anymore.

Steve Carrier

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